spacer Shipyard Personality: Team Alvimedica's Charlie Enright
  June 23, 2014



Newport Shipyard is proud to give Bristol, RI native and Volvo Ocean Race skipper (and co-CEO) Charlie Enright a much deserved nod as our 'Shipyard Personality.' Since Charlie and Team Alvimedica arrived at Newport Shipyard last week after completing their transatlantic 'training' onboard their VO65, he has been a permanent fixture around the Yard and we love his friendly disposition and great sense of humor. Currently on sabbatical from North Sails, Charlie and his team are calling Newport Shipyard home for a few weeks before they embark on their around-the-world adventure.

Charlie is no stranger to sailing fame. He was a crew member aboard Disney's Morning Light (along with Alvimedica's other co-CEO and crew member Mark Towill) in 2007 and has raced in a number of notable regattas including the Newport-Bermuda Race, Transatlantic Race, Transpac, Fastnet and Caribbean 600. Charlie attended Brown University where he was named a sailing College All-American and is an accomplished one design sailor.

The Shipyard is enjoying working with Charlie and the rest of his team (which includes our own Nick Dana, also a Shipyard 'personality', who did the transatlantic leg with Alvimedica) and we wish him much luck in the VOR which starts in Alicante, Spain in October. The teams will make eight stops between the start and finish in Gothenberg, Sweden next June, including a May stop-over right here in Newport. Be sure to come down to the Yard to check out the boat (she will have her naming ceremony this Sat., June 28 at 3pm and the public is invited) and meet our 'hometown team!'

spacer Team Oracle USA's Only American: Newport's Rome Kirby
  September 19, 2013



Shipyard Personality Rome Kirby, 24, with a sailing cv most veteran pro sailors would kill for, is Oracle Team USA's only American onboard. Rome grew up around the America's Cup starting in 1992 when his father, Jerry Kirby, joined the winning America3 team in 1992. From a very early age his sights were set on reaching the top of the sport. At age 22, Rome cut his teeth on the Volvo Race aboard Puma.... based at Newport Shipyard, before going around the world from Alicante, Spain. He was the youngest crew member in the fleet.

When close buddy Nick Dana was asked what he thought drove Rome to such achievement, Nick said without hesitation, "the desire to reach that Holy Grail of sailing.. a 'Gold Card'' at the Cooke House." Rome, our job is to make sure David issues that card!

Whether it's moths, surfboards, kite sailing, Volvo 70's or AC 72's, Rome attacks all with single-minded focus and persistence. Nick and I were just in San Francisco where Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill was quoted in the SF Chronicle ..."(Rome) is one of the best talents out there in the racing world and a phenomenal athlete." High praise. We have your back as well. Good luck in everything you do in life; you have already inspired us.

Sept 25, 2013: Great article on today's Wall Street Journal about Rome Kirby!

spacer NSY Personality/"Baby Rose" Dana
  July 10, 2013

baby rose danaAn overwhelmingly popular ‘personality' around the Shipyard, Eli and Lauren's "baby Rose" reported for duty at just a few days old! Her first birthday was just at Belle's where she wowed the crowd.

Always loves the action. She can be found religiously at the counter of Belle’s munching on Blade’s scrambled eggs, and soon awaits her first Slammin' Shipyard Sandwich. The solid food thing is on the horizon!

Not surprising... her first steps were dockside, in the cockpit of Saint Roque. Sporting a big smile to all comers Rose has perfected a sort of 'royal wave'. The wave may be royal, but Rose has no airs about her... loves all of us unconditionally!

spacer NSY Personality/Susan Grindell
  February 19, 2013

When Sue arrived at Newport Shipyard in '08 every boat was a "ship". Uh-oh. After rigorous training led by Steve Fig, Rich Franklin and Sandy De Loura, Sue's Navy background was re-calibrated in a yachtie direction. She has become amazingly adept with crew, captains, owners, and yacht management companies. Not only can she zero in there, but has turned into a virtual Inspector Clouseau when it comes to my restaurant receipts... who, what, where, and could a different menu item have been chosen. One time she asked Bill Hall of the renowned Hall's Chop House in Charleston if his establishment even existed!!

I'm told that Sue loves country music and gardening, provided Bud Light is involved. Makes sense. But.... how those peaceful endeavors morph into such strong political beliefs I have yet to figure out. The "thread" that connects all these attributes may be her loyalty; Sue shines in being close knit with her family, even managing to keep her "Little Biscoito", Samantha, under her wing at the Shipyard for the past few summers as Sam worked her way through Salve Regina. She is, as well, close knit with her co-workers and the Shipyard 'family' of boats. A real member of the team.

Watch out the 2nd of each month, that's the day Susan launches grenades.... bills. Once the bills are out, Sue then logs back into what she loves best.... Mario Kart.

spacer NSY Personality/Brad Read
  February 5, 2013

Brad Read, Executive Director of Sail NewportBrad Read's team at Sail Newport worked hard for a Newport Volvo Ocean Race stopover, announced yesterday. He had lots of help from the State (thank you!) and Newport for sure, but Brad stands out. All of Little Rhody is grateful for their efforts, particularly us salty dogs in Newport. The Volvo is but one in a long string of things that Brad has quietly spearheaded for all of us. We salute you, Brad!

"Newport has a hearty population of VOR veteran sailors -- maybe more than any other city in the US -- making the stopover here that much sweeter," said Nick Dana, who sailed with Team Abu Dhabi last time. "Guys like Kenny Read, Jerry Kirby, Rome Kirby, Casey Smith, Justin Clougher, Amory Ross, Justin Smith, Kimo Worthington, Kenny Nevor and many more all live in Newport and have invested years preparing and racing for this race", said Dana.

The Shipyard also has close ties. US team Puma Ocean Racing was based here prior to the 2007-08 and 2011-12 Volvo. Thousands visited during the wind-up both times to see PUMA's boats and rub shoulders with the team who called the Shipyard home. Rigger Jimmy Correia even did "house calls" to Boston during the US stopover in 2008 to help haul and launch the boats.

"Having the Volvo Ocean Race visit Newport continues to put us on the map in the sailing world. The America's Cup World Series last year, that Brad worked so tirelessly on, brought tens of thousands of people... huge success, as will the Volvo stopover. We love that so many share Brad's enthusiasm and vision", said Eli Dana.

For more information, visit

spacer NSY Personality/Donald Tofias
  October 1, 2012

The Donald!

What to say about a guy who created the W-Class, a veritable stable of stunning thoroughbred sailboats? Donald's dream to design a fleet of modern classics, reminiscent of the designs of Fife and Herreshoff, was carried out by the late designer Joel White and took form in the 76' beauties, Wild Horses and White Wings. Subsequently, the series of Stephens Waring & White designed W- 46's Equus, Arion, Mustang and Zebra joined the fleet followed more recently by the latest W-37. Donald has enthusiastically and generously campaigned these boats in the Med, England, the Caribbean, and the East Coast. His crew shirts with a large W are coveted by all who sail with him.

Donald's sensibilities hark back to a traditional era... from his Downeast Peapods to the W-Series, and even to his recent restoration of the old Clock Tower as his home. All are about his incredible vision. If you can keep up with all his posts of images on Facebook, you get insight into what makes him tick.

Donald has been a welcome fixture and unquestionably a 'personality' at Newport Shipyard, conjuring up a vision in khaki vest, cargo shorts, several lanyards around his neck, French Foreign Legion sun hat... slathered in serious sunblock. He never tires of racing his "beauties" with a bevy of beauties aboard as well. Easy to tease The Donald, but beware; he gives as good as he gets!

spacer NSY Personality/Paulo Alves
  August 20, 2012

A very popular 'personality' around the Shipyard is Paulo Alves, captain of the 109-foot sailboat Aventura who admits he never leaves home without his 'good humor.' A native of Cascais, Portugal, Paulo started sailing Optimists in 1980 in his hometown and has been an avid sailor ever since. Paulo started working on Aventura over three years ago after a long stint as captain onboard the 96-footer C'est La Vie. "Paulo is a great captain and customer - we love having him here," said Dockmaster Eli Dana.

"I love the Shipyard environment, the quality of work and the customer service," said Alves who first came to the Shipyard several years ago and has been hooked ever since. Paulo has made the Shipyard his 'home away from home' and even keeps his 1965 32-foot Pearson Vanguard Venture - which is his favorite place in Newport to dine in the evenings - at the Yard. "From the dock kids to the machine guys and the carpenters, everyone is great," Alves said.

When you are around the Shipyard, say hello to Paulo if he doesn't say hello first!

spacer NSY Personality/Rose Mae Dana
  June 19, 2012

BBorn into the Shipyard family in early this morning, Rose Mae Dana made her entrance at 30 seconds after midnight welcomed by Mom Lauren and Dad Eli. Grandfather Charlie was thrilled with the news and even happier that baby Rose narrowly missed sharing a birthday with Jimmy Correia, who celebrated his 50th on June 18th.

Weighing a very healthy 7 lbs, 6 ounces, Rose will be reporting to duty as the Shipyard's Deputy Assistant Dockmaster and Shipyard Outfitters Assistant Manager as soon as she comes home from Newport Hospital.

The report from the maternity wing was all family members are doing well and Eli has managed to stay on top of his email thanks to the speedy internet connection! Congratulations and welcome baby Rose, there are hundreds of people dying to meet you at Newport Shipyard...

spacer NSY Personality/John Thomson
  May 3, 2012

Johnny Thomson is an amazing waterfront personality who has been having a rough go of it for several years with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. He’s a friend to so many of us, and has done so much for everybody along the way… never asking a thing in return, as his daughter Victoria points out in her letter below. Johnny participated and succeeded racing sailboats as one of the original Farr 40 owners with # 4 Solution and # 135 Infinity, with top honors in the first two North American Championships in 1998 and 1999. He’ll Chair (honorary) the Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship, which will be held at Newport Shipyard this summer, and present the trophies this year.

From Vicky Thomson, Johnny’s daughter, to the Farr 40 Class:

Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do for him as at this point there is no cure. So my brothers & I put together a team to do "The Walk to Cure ALS" in his honor in New York on Saturday, May 5th.

It's kind of funny, he's such a private person and really tends not to tell anyone what has been going on with him, so we weren't sure how he would feel about us doing this. So we put the team together & quietly got to work on it. When we took the opportunity to mention it to him, he was so touched it brought him to tears.

It's such a cruel disease, especially for someone like him who was such an active & vibrant person. He's pretty incapacitated at this point. But he expressed his desire to go do the walk with us (in his power wheelchair), which given his condition & how he's been feeling, is a huge feat!

… He touched so many people, and never expected anything in return, I can't help but feel this is a (very) small way of giving back to him & promoting a good cause at the same time. I know that if he could help, or find a cure so that no one else has to go through what he has, he would do it.

The Farr 40's were such a big part of his life, not only for the competition, but also for the camaraderie, so I understand why he made this request (to get the word out and help fund-raise during The Walk to Cure ALS).

Vicky Thomson

As of May 7, the Farr 40 Class Association's Virtual Team, F 40 Class Team, raised $9,600! To make a donation to this team, click here. As of May 7, John's Team, Team Juliet Bravo Tango Infinity raised a total of over $37,000! (Their goal was $21,212.21 - John's sail # on the 50-foot Infinity was USA-21212). To make a donation to this team, click here.

spacer NSY Personality/The One and Only Tommy Baker
  January 31, 2012

tommy bakerTommy Baker…how to describe this force of nature and enthusiastic Shipyard supporter…connected, networker, bon-vivant, boundless energy, proud Charlestonian, former marine, generous to a fault, impeccably dressed, loyal friend, quick wit… oh…and he dances a mean Shag

A few “Tommyisms”…. 

"Is my hair on straight"
(when having his picture taken)

"Do I have to go now?"
(when a waiter comes over to his table)

"This IS America!!" 
(his response when a bartender asks if he would like a drink.  Alternately, when asked if he would like food "What are we?..... savages?")

"For a guy with limited ability, I'm doing quite well thank you!"
(TB’s response when someone asks how he is doing)

"It's my wife's house, she just lets me stay here"
(when complimented on one of his beautiful houses")

"Don't go to HELL, go to HALL’S!"
(when recommending Hall’s Chophouse)

"Thank you, I'm still making payments on it"
(when complimented on his attire)

spacer NSY Personality/Sandy DeLoura
  December 13, 2011

sandy POWSince 1999, Sandy DeLoura has been a devoted and loyal employee of Newport Shipyard. Handling all the billing between the Yard and the boats (via captains, crew & owners) Sandy will resolve any problem with her melodic "customer service voice" not generally reserved for her co-workers. Sandy also handles payroll for all the Yard staff and will help them "correct" their time sheets when they stumble.

"George DeLoura, Sandy's father, was one of the finest people I've ever known," said Charlie Dana. "I had the pleasure of honoring him with a surprise 70th birthday party at (what was then) Johnny's House of Seafood. Figured, as a plumber working for himself, that it had to be given by a friend who appreciated all he'd done, who he was, and loved him like a father. I qualified, but wasn't by any means alone in how I felt about 'Georgie.' When Sandy was interested in joining the Shipyard team, we heard glowing things from the bank where she'd been, but deep down I knew who her parents were and that she'd instinctively have good values in everything... except, we sadly discovered, liking NASCAR more than Elvis, The King. (Parents and I both have made the pilgrimage to Graceland). Sandy is a real part of the Shipyard team, always taking care of business... with the uncanny ability of talking problems through with herself when others are too busy. She is the best of Shipyard personalities!"

In addition to NASCAR, Sandy loves country music, dogs, cats, bunnies and most importantly, RUM. She is always cold and keeps her desk heater running -- even in July -- but is warm-blooded when it comes to family and friends. With a close circle of friends at the "Club" Sandy is a rock star customer, awesome Shipyard co-worker and the best Mom to her son Shawn and daughter Heather. A regular at Belle's, Sandy can be found patiently standing in line in the morning and afternoon with the Belle's Burger at the top of her favorite list. Just no veggies, please...

spacer NSY Personality / Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12
  November 5, 2011

Six international teams of eleven men each on high tech 70' monohulls will sail over 39,000 miles in nine months to circle the globe in the 2011-12 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race starting Saturday, November 5 from Alicante, Spain.

The PUMA team members are dyed-in-the-wool Newport Shipyard personalities, as this is their 2nd time training here for the most grueling team race on the planet. MAR MOSTRO had her 1st sail off Newport Shipyard.

Newporters are well represented on the Volvo teams including rock stars Ken Read, Casey Smith, Rome Kirby, Amory Ross, and Newport Shipyard's favorite son, Nick Dana, aboard AZZAM, sailing with team Abu Dhabi. It is fair to say our personalities are flying the coop as they sail first to Capetown, 6,500 miles from Alicante. We wish these sailors Godspeed.

spacer Straight from The Vineyard Vine
  August 9, 2011

spacer NSY Personality/George David
  June 9, 2011

george davidCongratulations to George David and crew on Rambler 100 for setting a new race record from Newport to the U.K. and for taking line honors in the 2011 Transatlantic Race. Read on...

Not Your Father's Rambler-

George David is passionate about whatever he takes on and right now, it's ocean racing. After sweeping the RORC Caribbean 600 (breaking the monohull race record) onboard his Rambler 100, David is preparing his crew and 100-foot racing sloop to take part in the Transatlantic Race 2011 starting in late June from Newport to the Lizard in England. As one of the key organizers and motivating forces for this historic race, David has sought and encouraged over 30 entries, many of whom represent a younger generation of competitors.

A captain of industry (former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies) his helming abilities extend well past the expertise and skill of breaking record after record of in the world of sailing. But smashing records in Rambler 100 is what is on his mind at the moment.

George has become a true-blue Shipyard personality. He is keenly aware of what we have created at the Shipyard and speaks highly of us all the time. We hear it. He always brings excitement to our docks with his program, his crew, their great attitudes, and their skill sets. We'd still like to needle him a wee bit, but are frankly having a hard time finding a way to do it!

Follow Rambler's progress when they start the TR2011:

spacer NSY Personality/Jay Mulrooney
  April 25, 2011

jay mulrooneyNewport Shipyard welcomes Jay Mulrooney as our new Project Coordinator. Jay will work alongside the Shipyard's three yard managers -- Eli Dana, Steve Figueiredo and Rich Franklin to manage refit and repair projects.

Jay got to know and love Newport Shipyard by working on big boats (loyal Shipyard customers)... North Sea trawler, Frederikstad, s/y Fly One, and as first officer on 193' expedition yacht, Intuition II. So, Jay knows and loves Newport Shipyard, and because he still wanted the salt in his hair and to be close to his new wife, Eliza, he found this a good fit. We think you will too. This Nova Scotia native has landed in Newport, and got here by water!

spacer NSY Personality/Don Glassie
  February 4, 2011

don glassieHow could Don be gone? He was such a character and such a bright light on the waterfront. We loved him. How can there be spring without Don painting his boat with his highly questionable painting skills?

Without Don Glassie, Newport Shipyard might not have come out of the ashes in 1998. He was an original partner, who moved on later to being "good customer". Don helped us a lot early on, very bright... always operating in a Jimmy Buffett style. Even looked like JB! In business, he probably did about as well as Buffet too.

After the America's Cup Jubilee in 2001, Don came to me in Porto Cervo and said that we could "knock" his rating for his very fast & well sailed schooner, FORTUNE... fair to say no member in the history of the NYYC surely has ever asked to have a worse rating. He had just won a ton of silver in Cowes, and we had 4 regattas in the Med coming up. Don was happy to have others have a chance. Of course I said no way, but that's the kind of a person he was, preferring to operate below most people's radar screens.

Don was always loyal to his family, friends, and string of "small enterprise" businesses. Epitome of a renaissance man. I will see him around every corner in Newport for as long as I live... Cooke House, have to say, definitely comes to mind.

spacer NSY Personalities/Tom & Betsy Whidden
  October 19, 2010

betsy and tom whiddenTom Whidden, known aptly in the sailing world as "the Dean" has been spotted numerous times this summer at Newport Shipyard on his new boat NorthLight. Most of you will know the significance of the name but for those who don't, Tom is the guiding light of North Marine Group. He has raced in more America's Cup races than anybody. He modestly refers to himself as only the "adult supervision" when he lends his legendary talent to a racing program

While Tom is eminently likable in his own right his wife Betsy doubles that quotient and together they are indomitable. We aren't quite sure what makes them keep coming back to Newport Shipyard...we think it's the breakfast burritos at Belle's.

Their loyalty to the Shipyard knows no bounds. NorthLight was stealthily "branded" with a Shipyard flag during the Opera House Cup...and because it was gamely flown for the rest of the summer they have earned their title of Shipyard personalities.

spacer NSY Personality/Ashley Forbes
  September 7, 2010

ashley forbesThe boys off S/Y HANUMAN have nominated Ashley Forbes for Shipyard Personality.

Known affectionately by the yacht crews as Ash, Captain Forbes (USCG 200ton license), or "that blonde who runs the ships store," Ashley is a definite fixture of Newport Shipyard. Along with her sidekick dolphin Josie (pictured below), Captain Forbes runs a tight ship in the stores, using her uncanny knowledge of marine catalogues to help crewmembers source pretty much anything they need. This varies from obvious essentials such as sandpaper, to more obscure items, like rose-scented kiwi love gloves (wash mitts to non-yachties) for Mark from S/Y Clevelander.

Often confused with being a member of the Marketing department, due to her almost constant presence at any Shipyard drinks event, Ashley easily makes customers smile with her dry sense of humor and self-depreciating wit. Despite her self-acclaimed lack of athletic ability, Ash in fact plays forward for the Shipyard soccer team, and modesty aside, admits to ‘probably scoring more goals than the rest of the team put together this season.’

josie dolphinIf you haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting her or seeing her on the soccer field, make a point of visiting the ships store some time and attempt to order the most random thing you can think of to catch a glimpse of that puzzled and confused look that we all know and love.

spacer NSY Personality/Lauren Woods
  August 3, 2010

lauren woodsFor anyone who has been to Newport Shipyard during the last two years, or to Newport Shipyard Outfitters since its opening earlier this summer, surely you have met the newest addition to the Shipyard family, Lauren Woods.

A Middletown native, Lauren has become the 'go-to' person for Newport Shipyard retail gear and accessories at both our onsite Ship's Store and at our new retail space on Bannister's Wharf. A warm, friendly, hard-working, and extremely organized young lady with a degree in marketing, Lauren is also dockmaster Eli Dana's 'better' half. If you haven't met Lauren, be sure to introduce yourself the next time you're at the Shipyard.

  NSY Personality/Newport Shipyard Outfitters
  June 6, 2010

newport shipyard outfittersNewport Shipyard Outfitters just opened at the end of Bannister's Wharf. David Ray is thrilled to have such "style" in the neighborhood.

The Shipyard logo continues to be seen -- literally -- all over the world in sailing hotspots thanks to all of you. We're fully stocked with items like Shipyard tees, belts & jackets, Peter Beaton striped sailor tops (only place in Newport), Havaiana flip flops, Kaenon sunglasses, Shipyard Sea Bags from recycled sail cloth, and chandlery items that fit the bill.

Check it out, 7 days a week, 10am-9pm. Follow us on FaceBook, too!

  NSY Personality/ABBRA
  February 9, 2010

abbra logoNewport Shipyard was awarded the 2009 American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA) Boatyard of the Year award at the ABBRA annual awards celebration in Tampa, FL, on January 29, 2010. The Boatyard of the Year award was one of three awards given to recognize individuals and companies from the boatbuilding and repairing industry for their excellence throughout 2009.

Awarded to the service or repair yard that demonstrates excellence in all facets of business through commitment to customer relations, quality management, and positive vendor and employee relations, the Award of Excellence was given to Newport Shipyard for its dedication to exceptional support, refitting, and servicing of superyachts up to 300’ as well as the impressive pool of craftsmen, talent, and experience found at Newport Shipyard.

"The team at Newport Shipyard was very excited to receive this award as was I," said Charlie Dana, Newport Shipyard's president. "Being recognized by an association dedicated to the marine industry is always an honor and we're thrilled to be selected as the Boatyard of the Year in 2009 by ABBRA."

  NSY Personality - Nantucket Lightship
  December 6, 2009
  nantucket lightship

Built in 1950 as a life saving lightship to stand guard three miles off the Golden Gate Bridge, NANTUCKET, originally named SAN FRANCISCO, is currently at Newport Shipyard 'resting' for the winter after a busy season of charter. After making her way to New England via the Panama Canal in 1971, she served as a lightship in Maine for four years and finally came to Nantucket Island to serve her final U.S. Coast Guard duties as lightship from 1975-1983. She was purchased (on eBay) by Bill and Kristen Golden in 2000 and is one of only 12 lightships left in the United States. The Golden's have done a fabulous job refitting the 128-foot steel boat by outfitting her with modern (and beautiful) amenities and making her available for one-week charters throughout New England and dockside special events like wedding rehearsals, corporate parties and more!

Newport Shipyard is delighted to have NANTUCKET here for a few months and if you're in the neighborhood, come check her out -- she's docked in front of Belle's Cafe for optimal viewing! She's also available this winter for dockside parties. For more information, visit

  NSY Personality/Spruce III/Pip Cutler
  October 15, 2009

RoqueAbout twenty years ago Roque Island, a family retreat located just 'downeast' from Bar Harbor, replaced its wooden lobster boats, ROQUE (1967, right) and SPRUCE III (1974), with the present day fiberglass, JOSEPH PEABODY. As confirmed boat nuts, our family got sentimental about these two aging ladies and bought them. After adding to each a galley, a head, bunks and some needed TLC, we tried to figure out what their future might hold. At the time, we definitely lacked a plan other than to save them.

ROQUE we had for about five years when we sold her to knowledgeable marine surveyor, Tony Knowles. He owned her a few years, enjoyed her immensely and kept her in great shape. Happy to report she remains strong as NANCY M in Boothbay Harbor, ME at 42 years old.

Spruce IIISPRUCE III (left) is also going strong. In fact, this is the third time (by extension) that our family would buy the same boat! Roque Island commissioned her in 1974 from Willis Beal and she served the island well. We took her to the Bahamas in 1991 where our kids remember her tropical life fondly. Her next 'home' was Camp Kieve in Nobleboro, Maine, where she was re-Christened PIP CUTLER, after my father-in-law Pip, who had once headed the camp's board. They were happy days aboard carrying kids for 14 years.

Now, she is about to enter her fourth life with Nick Dana, who will employ his boats skills acquired as part of PUMA's shore team, to put her right as they say. Must confess it gave me goose bumps when she recently arrived in Newport. She is now 35 years old and we will all see her around next summer after some R&R at Newport Shipyard, which will definitely turn her into even more of a 'personality!'

  Chris Nicholson & Casey Smith - Team Newport Shipayrd
  August 25, 2009

505 worldsCurrently competing in the 505 World Championship in San Francisco, CA are three-time 505 world champion Chris Nicholson of Australia and crew Casey Smith, who after three races are situated nicely in second place, following leaders Mike Holt and Carl Smith by just five points.

Sponsored by Newport Shipyard, Nicolson (known as 'Nico') and Smith are good friends of the Shipyard and have spent many hours here while working for PUMA Ocean Racing. Fitted with a complete Newport Shipyard wardrobe prior to their departure, Nico and Casey are already taking the fleet by storm.

On behalf of the entire team here, we wish them Shipyard luck and success against the other 90 teams entered. Sail fast, do us proud, and bring home the hardware!

To follow Nico & Casey's results, log on to:

  NSY Personality/Timmy Laughridge
  July 14, 2009

Timmy LaughridgeJust how much explanation is needed as to why Timmy Laughridge is our Shipyard Personality? Half his last name is "Laugh"...and it couldn't be more appropriate. Spectacular 'Beacon Rock' was recently the setting for his long awaited 50th birthday party. Thank goodness for our health it wasn't the same weekend as the Newport Bucket, which demands Tim's full organizational attention. Note that he appears a wee bit distracted in this picture.

Timmy and I learned a lot of the salty ropes of life from the same person, Commo Frank Snyder. We've always bonded for that reason and many others. Tim's enthusiam and sailing skills, not to mention his stamina, are lengendary. For those fortunate souls who are still un-indocrinated, a "Timmy half-night" is 4 am.

Fair winds, my friend. Age may be a good thing for you....and us!

  NSY 'Personality'/Wedding Vows
  June 18, 2009

Nancy Clay DeutschNancy and Clay Deutsch are definitely Newport Shipyard 'personalities'. They stand for something on the waterfront, yet we shudder when we hear the Indian "war cry"...... wondering what might be happening!!!

We're not at all surprised that their wedding was aboard CHIPPEWA (post Figawi). They probably didn't dare leave the boat fearing competitors might use the opportunity to "fine tune" things on board, as has been done onto them by the mighty CHIPPEWA crew.

Their prowess on the racecourse is legendary, as evidenced as recently as last weekend in the NYYC Regatta. Their program is friendly, fun, and effective. We personally wish all the happiness in the world, but like all good sailors...... intend to sleep with one eye open!

  NSY 'Personality'/Charlie Ridall
  May 11, 2009

andyCharlie Ridall -- Born May 9, 2009 to Belle and Andy Ridall.

To celebrate their first wedding anniversary Andy and Isabella decided to spend the night at the Ocean Club in Nassau. On their way to this sybaritic second honeymoon they stopped at Doctors Hospital and delivered handsome 5 lb 2 oz baby Charlie in time to also celebrate Mother's day the next morning. Having managed to cram all these events in a 12 hour period they will be going home to another uneventful week.

We wish all three health, happiness and congratulations on a very efficient weekend. Andy won't even miss a day of work!

  NSY 'Personality'/Gus
  April 25, 2009

GusAgostinho "Gus" Silva has been at the Shipyard almost 30 years, from back in the days of a lot of commercial work, mostly Navy. We dug back in his file and found in 1985 his supervisor said, "Give me 100 Gus's and I could build a nuclear aircraft carrier." Gus is a leader, always at the center of the action doing a bit of carpentry, fiberglassing, painting, even cooking in Belle's in a pinch. You always hear people saying, "oh, Gus can do it."

Gus really cares about people he works with, treats them just like his family, and as an extension of that, has helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation in remembering his son, Derek. He's a great arm twister in the fight to lick Cystic Fibrosis. Passionate about it.

No question Gus ranks as a Shipyard Personality. We love him, and whenever I kid him about anything, always get the same response, "I sorry Mr Charlie". (But no way is he!)

  NSY Personality/Rose Dana

February 9, 2009


Rose DanaA key member of the Shipyard team has eluded (until now) the 'Personality' section for an entire decade. It was brought up a time or two, but quickly squashed..... by her. Now, in the dead of winter, we're going to ambush Rose Dana and give her some well deserved credit.

Re "credit", Rose is particularily adept for giving others credit for doing things that she has really done herself..... like design work, marketing with Veronica, the store, and mostly for being the "voice of reason" in a sometimes chaotic atmosphere created usually by her husband.

Posy made the initial phone call about the bankrupt Shipyard going on the block in '98 for starters. She alerted us. She then told us we were nuts for the longest time before she figured she'd better step in and get us on the straight and narrow, or she'd lose all her spending money.

We listened to Posy just about as much as we listened to our customers. We then (literally) took a part of her in Eli, for our illustrious Dockmaster! No small feat I might add "producing" Eli, though he weighed somewhat less when he was born. Posy contributed handily to laying each building block that became the foundation of what Newport Shipyard is today on the waterfront.

  NSY Personality: Senator Claiborne Pell
  January 7, 2009

Senator PellWhen Ernesto Bertarelli wanted to have a run-up event before the last Cup, he called me to see if Newport Shipyard would be the base camp for ALINGHI and for Larry Ellison's ORACLE. I said we'd be happy to help put it together on one condition: that he invite Senator Pell (left with Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Ted Kennedy) out for a sail during practice. I knew how much the Senator would love it.

Pell's collegue and sailing buddy, Senator Ted Kennedy, visited the Shipyard every June to take Pell out for a sail on MYA. Senator Kennedy pushed all the right buttons with Pell's salty side. Sen Pell sailed on my boat too, as well as on David Ray's NIRVANA, always glowing with excitement. He often recalled his early years in the Coast Guard and why the CG was so important to our country. Afterwards, we'd have dinner and the glow remained, aided of course by a little wine to calm the sunburn!

Claiborne Pell died on New Year's day at 90, and had an amazing send-off on January 5th with his close friend, Ted Kennedy, delivering a moving eulogy eneumerating Pell's significant accomplishments in his 36 Senate years and, yes, a few sailing anecdotes snuck in too.

Newport Shipyard, along with all Rhode Islanders, lost a friend. He followed us every step of the way as we developed. No question he cast a long shadow everywhere, but also with us as a Shipyard personality. Claiborne also gave me my 1st tour of the Senate, as he had my father, and later our children. We will miss him a lot and will never forget who he was.

  NSY Personality: Paul Callahan
  November 22, 2008

EasternerLocated in the depths of The Shipyard on the most traveled corrridors of the property, next to the "Mens Room," there is an office that seems to be vibrating with energy. No, it is not the old steam room! It's just Paul Callahan - our own Harvard educated, Paralympic skipper, former Goldman Sachs investment banker, and CEO of the world reknown Shake A Leg Adaptive Sailing Program (

The wheels in his head seem to run contiguously with the wheels on his wheelchair, as he paces around The Shipyard - does he ever get off that phone?

Paul's latest orchestration has the America's Cup yacht, Easterner, in the hands of Shake A Leg's disabled sailors. Wow! Paul and friends plan to reengineer Easterner so disabled people and children with cancer can traverse Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay, previously reserved for only the very fortunate. All of this will further culminate next September at the World 12 Metre Championship in Newport when Paul leaves his wheelchair at the dock and skippers Easterner with his (disabled) friends competing alongside and against professional crew.

Come see the progress of Easterner at The Shipyard.

  NSY Personality: PUMA Ocean Racing
  November 3, 2008
PUMACongratulations to Kenny Read and the entire PUMA Ocean Racing team for finishing second on Leg #1 of the Volvo Ocean Race! After 22 days and 6,500 miles, PUMA's entry, il mostro, finished just 12 hours after 1st place finisher, Ericsson 4. "In good time we will be ready to push the boat and then, I believe, we will be able to match speed with anyone in any condition," said Read after arriving in Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday, November 2. "If we can’t learn how to improve then shame on us, but I have so much faith in these guys, I know we’ll learn quickly how to use this boat to its max and then we’ll be there. We do not intend to finish second all the way round. We have more to come."

The entire team at Newport Shipyard would like to congratulate PUMA Ocean Racing on a great finish after a very exciting leg. We're rooting for you from your 'home away from home' here at the Shipyard.
  NSY Personality/Buckley, The Shipyard Dog
  September 28, 2008

The Sequel.... Buckley, The Shipyard Dog

  "Buck" spent the summer at Newport Shipyard having left his steamy hometown of Charleston for the refreshingly cool weather of Newport. Just loves the thermally induced sea breeze. A versatile being.... he favors boats, cars, golf carts, sleeping, or basically anything that doesn't require him moving himself. His amazingly aerodynamic body is enhanced by the lift that his generous ears give him, though he rarely gets airborne. Parties around the yard were his favorite as he moved amongst pizza, hamburgers, and the ice luge. As summer ended, his Lord and Master, Nick headed for Spain with PUMA while Buck returned to Charleston with a trusted friend to prepare for the upcoming Basset Hound Parade.
  NSY Personality/Nick Dana
  September 10, 2008

Nick DanaNick Dana is long overdue as a Shipyard 'personality'. All you had to do is look at his bicycle at the top of PUMA's mast when he "couldn't find it", or his shrink-wrapped truck to know he was a ripe candidate. He's left for Spain, so we can write about him. He's on the shore team as the nipper (Kenny term) and loves it.

It's the "loves it" part that makes him good at what he does, and also why I'm so proud of him for how much of himself he's putting into it. Nick's tough; Nick's capable; he's the one in our family who always keeps things interesting. Yet.... he's going to miss us as much as we're going to miss him. I could tell that right before he left when he started getting nice.... hanging out in our kitchen more. He'll deny it, but... we know!

We wish Nick and all the PUMA team Godspeed as they circle the globe. We'll definitely pop in when you least expect it.

  NSY Personality/Andrew Fitzgerald
  August 1, 2008

In Newport Shipyard's print newsletter, Belle's Bulletin, dated August 1, 2003 (exactly five years ago), we featured Andrew Fitzgerald as our Shipyard 'personality.' We are deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. The guys here are taking it hard. He was without a doubt the quickest mind around and the most loved (and feared!)

The church was overflowing during his funeral and our hearts go out to Mary.


BELLE'S BULLETIN, August 1, 2003

Ask a friend to name a painter and they might say Monet or Van Gogh, but here at Newport Shipyard you're more likely to hear 'Fitzy.' With 30 years experience and a firecracker attitude, if you've met Andrew Fitzgerald you won't easily forget him.

Fitzy continues to grace us with his presence everyday because he loves the people here. An old friend to many here at the Yard, he met Patti the day she started many years ago, and he has known Mark since he "could wear a size 34. And Mark, the Miller Lite isn't working."

It's no secret that Fitzy loves to feed the blazing rivalry between Mark and himself, but ask him to tell stories and out of his sly smirk he'll tell you "loose lips sink ships." Fortunately, his friends feel differently, happily revealing that his longest absence from work was caused by falling off his roof while hanging Christmas decorations.

Without a doubt, the spirit of the Yard is touched by Andrew Fitzgerald.

  NSY Personality/Kenny Read
  June 30, 2008

Kathy Kenny Tory ReadOn October 11, Newport's Kenny Read (left with wife Kathy and daughter Tory) will depart Alicante, Spain with one mission: Sail around the world. FAST. Well, faster than the other Volvo 70s participating in the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race that is. Supported by his crew aboard PUMA Ocean Racing's new boat Il Mostro, Read will skipper the boat on a 37,000 NM journey around the world starting in Alicante and ending in St Petersburg, Russia one year from now.

To say Kenny is one of the most experienced and talented sailors on the planet is true for sure, but this will be his first round-the-world race and he remains optimistic and confident yet humbled by what the strength of the open ocean can bring. While he and his team have been eating their "three-square's-a-day" at Belle's Cafe for the past three months, PUMA's corporate marketing and public relations teams have also descended on the Shipyard to get a taste of what sailing is all about.

On a typical day, you will see Il Mostrohauled and launched; the PUMA crew carrying sails down extra-wide 'Charlie' Dock; PUMA's sailmakers repairing and recutting sails in the sail loft of their Newport Shipyard compound; Kenny and PUMA execs dining at Belle's Cafe strategizing for their trip around the world and trying to figure out how to keep a eye on Jerry Kirby for that many miles. We wish them safety above all else, and will be here with open arms to greet them on their return.

  NSY Personality/Isabella "Belle" Dana Ridall
  May 28, 2008
Check out photos and details about Belle & Andy's wedding on the NY Social Diary Web site.
  May 19, 2008

Ship'yard' Romance

Belle married Andy Ridall in Nassau May 10th. She was always told that her wedding would have to be at the Shipyard, but somehow she maneuvered the Shipyard's glorious restoration of THOR to the Bahamas instead.....

Belle Ridall

THORoughly married.

spacer NSY Personality: Paul Fitzgerald

March 14, 2008

Captain Kevan Paul Fitzgerald

On the evening of Wednesday 25th February 2008, Our wonderful brother, Captain Paul Fitzgerald of S/Y Hetairos departed this world. Paul was a charismatic character with immense energy and inner strength, a fighter with great compassion, understanding, love and warmth. He was also a very loyal, honest and mischievous friend who would joke and tease anyone to raise a smile. A shining light has now moved on.

Paul’s surviving siblings, Tony, Kim, Samantha and Vicky would like to thank all Paul’s friends for their warmth, sincere wishes and compassion at this time. We also understand the need of some, to have their own private memorial service to commemorate Paul.

We will have a cremation service for Paul next week in England. It will be held at St. Peter's Church in Heysham, Lancashire, on Monday, March 17th at 1:45, where friends are welcome. Once matters have been settled on this side of the Atlantic, the family will be travelling with Paul’s ashes, to hold a celebration in Newport of his life and invite all of his friends and colleagues to join them at the Newport Shipyard on May 17th at 4;00 in the afternoon. Those wishing to contact the family please email:


February 26, 2008

Paul FitzgeraldPaul Fitzgerald died suddenly doing what he loved best.......

Newport Shipyard was devastated to hear that Paul never woke up this morning. We had just made him the "Personality" and posted him on our web site, as he lay in his bunk near the Seychelles. To say that's eerie is an understatement. Paul was like a member of the family. He spent his darkest hours with us as he battled and beat cancer. We laughed more than we cried!

We pulled his picture immediately, but then I got worried......

Paul would have thought I was nuts to pull it. Below is a "pure Paul" e-mail from a few days ago with the picture of "Father Neptune" crossing the International Date Line. Paul had even called Jon Barrett to make sure he had the "garb" just right.

We love you, Paul, and will never forget the fun you brought to all of us. Fair winds, my friend.

  Greeting Rosie and charliE:

Its the land of the never, never world out here. Wonderful coservation ethics (besides the UK and USA having a huge base at Diego Garcia (it glows in the dark)

Who are you voting for in this coming carnival:

1. Me
2. BJ Bills Misses.
3. Obammmma.
4. Six years in solitary. Mr. McCain.
5. Me

Anyway i miss your wife more than you cos she smiles more and she's the boss.

You won't see me for a while till my house becomes vacant? (that could take years with this market).

Working pays great in Euros (it's gone up by .4 to the $ since I started)

The new boat being built in the Baltic yard should be ready 2010. 212 foot Panamax Ketch, like
Mari Chi or Visiony. Not sure its for me, but why not...go frighten myself to death at 35 + knots.

Besides all that, I,m well and having a great time seeing these wonderful places.

Keep causing trouble...
Regards Paul Fitzgerald.

If my spelling is bad, its because I can't spell?

Only a couple of tiny edits!!! If anybody has anything Paul would want to hear, send us an e-mail and we'll put it on.

Submitted Friday, March 14:

We will be holding a church service for Paul on Monday 17 March in a very beautiful 6th century church, St Peter’s, Heycham, Lancashire, which overlooks the ocean, followed by a cremation. It will be attended by members of his family and a few close friends. Kim and I will be bringing Paul’s ashes to Newport in May and intend holding some sort of service/gathering on 17 May 2008 followed by a scattering of his ashes at sea if it can be arranged.

Paul died of heart failure (natural causes), which was not connected with his previous illness.

Tony Fitzgerald



Meet Cosworth, a bulldog which at first glance looks fighting fit. Actually he's glassfibre (you can buy them on the internet from a lady in the USA - any breed) and this picture shows him sitting on the aft deck of the J Class yacht Endeavour, currently in Auckland.

CosworthCosworth, for want of a better description, is a war prize, pinched from the crew of the big ketch Rebecca in retaliation for Endeavour's magnificent steering wheel being 'stolen' and then put up for sale on EBay. We understand the wheel was never sold but when it went missing it was replaced by one of those tiny little, tugboat-syle, spoked numbers…not quite J Class style.

Cosworth has been with Endeavour ever since and has crossed the Pacific, been to Japan and was due to stay with Endeavour in Auckland.

But there's a poignant end to this story and Cosworth's black arm band is the sad giveaway. His original master, Kevan Paul 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, Rebecca's one time skipper and more recently in charge of Hetairos, died recently. His premature death came as a mighty shock to the yachting community as he was a highly respected and much loved man.

Cosworth was so christened due to Fitz's love of motor racing, derived from an earlier career in motor sport.

When we met Cosworth he was about to be boxed up and posted home to pay his respects to his one time owner. We wish him well and send our condolences along with him…

David Glenn/Yachting World, 5 March 2008


Submitted Monday, March 2nd:

My name is Alan, I and my wife Zara worked with Paul for a few years on the yachts Saudade and Rebecca. Terribly sad to hear of his passing he was a huge amount of fun to be at sea with and on land ..... A great character gone.

Alan Goldman

  NSY Personality/Controller: Donna Soares
  January 30, 2008

Donna SoaresWhen Donna Soares, Newport Shipyard's controller (left), isn't busy with payables and negotiating better rates with cell phone companies, she is an avid cruising sailor who has spent many years working in the marine industry. Donna loves sailing on Narragansett Bay. Due to her competitive nature, she was once invited to race at night under the beautiful Mount Hope Bridge at the Bristol Yacht Club. She held the ever important position of ballast; however, while tacking up the river she didn’t quite understand the importance of staying in the boat and many times attempted to leave the boat via the rail. She was soon dismissed from this volunteer position immediately following evening drinks.

For many years Donna has been active in various community outreach programs. Currently, she volunteers at the Newport Soup Kitchen serving and cooking for the under-privileged. She is active in her church parish serving as a member of the Finance Committee and has volunteered at her local library, but was again dismissed due to the fact that she was caught reading every book jacket before she returned it to the shelf.

Donna SoaresDonna has traveled extensively through out the US and Europe, recently visiting Turkey and Egypt. While employed at Hall Spars, Donna accompanied Nan Hall on the delivery of a Carbon Fiber Mast to a state-of-the-art racing sloop in southern France. Their mission was the timely delivery of this mast to meet a crucial race schedule, but always the accountant; she refused to release the mast until she had a cashier check in hand.

We checked in with Donna's sister Renee and here is what she had to say... "Donna is an excellent cook, and has a five-star rating when it comes to her Apple Pie. We all love Donna because she is kind and generous to all who know her. Her sailing skills are available to any cruiser, who maintains a stocked rum bar, a valid passport, a villa in the Mediterranean Sea (deep mooring of course) and is six foot 2 with eyes of blue. Please keep her tied to her desk."

  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  December 9, 2007

kate loren

From Newport Shipyard's favorite smarties and beauties Loren Weakley (left) and Kate Werner (right). They're un-questionably Shipyard personalities, loved and admired.

Kate married potential future "personality" Justin in Jamaica last year. Admittedly, it took us awhile to get over that maneuver! She manages the office for Nautor's Swan, and Loren does the same at W-Class for Don Tofias.

Loren, as well, bartends at IYAC on Tuesday nights, and honestly can say things start out slowly at the Shipyard on Wednesday morning. It could be nobody wanting to leave IYAC.... or it may be (we're told) the hefty "pours" that Loren dishes out to un-suspecting sailors, preventing them from soaring with the eagles the next day.

We thank everybody for a great year. '08 looks amazing for all us yachties. New England apparently is going to be "in" next summer, with many great boats basing in Newport. Should be good. Come back.

  NSY "Personality" - Atlantide
  November 19, 2007

AtlantideATLANTIDE is turning heads at Newport Shipyard. She has traveled in high circles since she was designed by British Naval Architect Alfred Mylne and built in 1930. She was purchased in 1998 by owner Tom Perkins and restored and re-launched, complete with a Bugatti tender, a year later in 1999. Perkins has just written an auto-biography, Valley Boy, which is a good read I might add, having just devoured it on my passage south. ATLANTIDE was TP's tender for MARIETTE of 1915, one of the "big seven" steel schooners designed by Herreshoff. What a pair they were........ stealing the show in Porto Cervo, Monaco, Cannes, St Tropez, St Barts, and New England. Our family raced on MARIETTE many times, and often enjoyed dinner afterwards on the fantail of ATLANTIDE. It just doesn't get any better...... or does it?

Along comes MALTESE FALCON (exit MARIETTE) and now ATLANTIDE sometimes shadows FALCON! It's almost more than us mortals can fathom, but hats off to the greatest show on Earth. ATLANTIDE from a bygone era, under the command of Capt Justin Christou, is definitely a unique Newport Shipyard Personality.

  NSY "Personality" - Keewaydin
  October 23, 2007

Keewaydin has been Newport Shipyard's best customer year-in and year-out! I ran into her owner (and check writer!) Joe Fogg in Maine this summer and he asked me, "who's your best customer"? He was joking around, as he already knew the answer. We love the boat; it's right up our alley...... a good fit for the Shipyard. She's kept well, has great pedigree, an owner who understands what it takes, and Capt Pat Quigley's crew are competent and thoughtful.

Recently, the Keewaydin crew ordered 25 pizzas (veggie, Hawaiian, pepperoni, meat lovers, cheese) for everyone and then baked a cake that had the Shipyard logo on it! Now..... that's thoughtful. It brings everyone together in such a nice way. Keewaydin mixes the ingredients "just right" to keep focused and moving forward.

To Joe; we appreciate Keewaydin being our best customer and a Shipyard personality. Your Naples neighbor, 'Hap' said to me yesterday that he thinks he's closing in on your "best customer" status with Whisper. Ut-oh....... he may be. We hope your New year's resolution will be to remain "the champ"!

  NSY Personality - Chris "Sparky" Gamlin
  September 10, 2007
Never in the history of Newport Shipyard have we ever -- ever -- had anyone come to us begging and pleading to be a Shipyard "personality." It was a humiliating experience for all of us, and yet we felt compelled to oblige...... fearing "Sparky" (aka Chris Gamlin) might melt into a puddle of tears if we turned him down. We think of ourselves as a "compassionate" Shipyard!

Sparkly GamlinChris is a native New Zealander and no stranger to Newport. He has worked on a handful of boats at Newport Shipyard, and the past two summers aboard USA-61. Chris is recognized first by his contagious laugh, louder than any yard equipment! He has a great sense of humor (we hope) and always a quick one-liner to throw into any conversation… whether or not he’s part of it.

We have to confess that “Sparky” is a skilled electrical engineer, and a respected sailor among his peers, even if he arrives at work each day on his mo-ped; the "chicken chaser." In spite of his many, many drawbacks -- he is a great guy to have around the yard and always willing to lend a hand. For this piece he "interviewed" numerous yard workers regarding their thoughts on "his" character! Clearly, his dedication and ambition has landed Chris as a "NSY personality," and thereby possibly a tribute to society? The jury is deliberating......

  NSY "Personality" - Meteor
  August 18, 2007

The 170' schooner METEOR has landed! She is breathtakenly beautiful and was celebrated at Newport Shipyard August 11th. WOW...........

This is a yacht that has grabbed serious attention both sides of the Atlantic......... so far!

Watching the Cup she was very noticable on TV. In the background blur of spectator boats, there was "one" we all noticed. Ernesto Bertarelli called recently to talk about the Cup, and the 1st words out of his mouth were "have you seen METEOR yet........ and wasn't she something?!"

Newport Shipyard salutes Dan Meyers and John Risley for building this incredible yacht, the work it took, the pedigree it has: Diijkstra-Alden, Munford down below, and Huisman. It just doesn't get any better........

Visit the Meteor Web site for more details.

  NSY Personality - Chris Harris
  July 18, 2007

Chris Harris

Newport Shipyard's newest "personality" is Chris Harris..... husband of Madeline, and father of Jack. He will handle special projects and just about every facet of our operation. Chris and I have known each other for years and battled the whole time on the tennis court (contact C Dana for "results"). The other battle has been to get him just to come with us. I've hoped he would for several years. Chris is a real problem-solver with a captain's perspective and a mechanic's know-how.

Chris started out working in a shipyard and then was on some amazing boats for 23 years...... Black Knight, Teel, Jimmy Buffett's Continental Drifter, and Cachee. He always seemed to end up running "programs", in that his owners had various other boats, complicated houses, and in one case even a sea plane. Chris understands pressure and deadlines, as his work always involved both.
On a purely personal note, Posy and I gave Chris and Madeline tickets to the "ball" at the (America's Cup) Jubilee at Cowes in 2001.... held in Queen Victoria's former and quite opulent digs on the Isle of Wight. It was their first date!
  NSY "Personality" - Bluenose II
  June 28, 2007
Bluenose II


Built in 1963 in Lunenburg, Nova Scota, the Canadian Gaff Topsail Schooner Bluenose II is calling Newport Shipyard home during the Amica Insurance Tall Ships Rhode Island festival from June 27-July 1st. The original Bluenose, built in 1921, was designed for typical Nova Scotia Grand Banks fishing and participating in the International Fisherman's Trophy racing series between Canada and the United States. She became a national icon after remaining undefeated under Captain Angus J. Walters of Lunenburg, and is today depicted on stamps and the Canadian ten cent coin.

The 143-foot wooden schooner now servers as a goodwill ambassador for Nova Scotia, participating in Tall Ships events throughout the Western hemisphere. With 18 crewmembers, her beautiful lines and traditional looks make her one of the most beautiful boats among those visiting Newport for the Tall Ships event.

For more information on the Tall Ships event, visit

Flag: Canada
Rig: Gaff topsail schooner
Homeport: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Normal cruising waters: East Coast of Canada and the United States
Length: 143'
Sparred length: 181'
Draft: 16'; Beam: 27'
Sail area: 11,139 square feet
Hull: Wood

  Happy 60th, Charlie!
  June 13, 2007

As you can see by the messages below you touch people in strange and
wonderful ways. What's a life well-lived without laughter? You will see the anatomy of your brain below...and yes, it is wired differently!
We wouldn't have it any other way.

To read a full page of well wishes on Charlie's 60th, click here.

Charlie Dana

  NSY Personality: Billy Black
  June 7, 2007

Billy BlackMarine photographer Billy Black is a familiar and always smiling face around Newport Shipyard. Billy covers Shipyard events, documents refits and does brochure shoots for many of the beautiful yachts the Shipyard attracts during the year. Billy believes that the atmosphere at the Shipyard is like family, only better. "It is one of the best things about Newport," he said. "It could be a stuffy place but instead everyone is friendly, helpful and welcoming. It also attracts all the great events, the best boats and Belle's is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch."

Billy started his career in the New York fashion industry but soon realized he preferred being on the water to being in the studio and moved to Newport. He arrived on his sailboat, an Ericson 39, in 1986 and put down his anchor here for good in 1991. "Newport harbor has changed a lot in the last 20 years," Billy reflected, "I miss lots of the working waterfront but imagine what would have happened if the Danas hadn't rescued this key property."

Look for Billy, and his assistant Gretchen and dog Millie (pictured) on the photo boat - We're Here!

  NSY Personality: Robin Campbell
  May 10, 2007

Robin Oyster YachtsRobin Campbell's first task in the marine industry was scraping seaweed off the slipway in a small boatyard in his native Scotland, so he can reasonably be said to have experienced the industry from the bottom up. His career has included 15 years with Berthon International on the UK's south coast, starting as a trainee broker and ending up as the Director. He is a Director of Oyster Marine, which he joined fourteen years ago, moving to Newport run the company's US operations in 2002.

When not in Newport he's generally to be found (true to his nationality) trying to negotiate free upgrades on his all too regular trans-Atlantic trips.

Editor's note: his "nationality traits" extended to his bringing Oyster to Newport Shipyard. We've never advertised or gone after potential tenants, because of trying to create an atmosphere at the Shipyard.... having people who want to be here. People who recognize and appreciate what it means to be in New England's #1 yachting hub. By definition, that means coming to us! Robin was very interested, but "just couldn't bring himself" to accept our terms as he labored through the details of setting up shop. I found myself chasing him in the end. He earned his stripes right in the beginning to be "Personality of the Week" and has not let us down since.

  NSY Personalities: Jimmy & Josh Correia
  April 27, 2007

CorreiasThe crew of Puma Racing would like to nominate both Jim (left, above) and Josh (left, below) Correia as Personalities of the Week.

They definitely gave more than a little extra this last week to help us reach our goals. From their willingness to accommodate our schedule, their professionalism and positive attitude in helping us get everything done, working until 10pm on a Saturday and well past 11pm on a Sunday, all the while doing their job to high standard of safety and making it happen.

Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Puma team. The Shipyard should recognize them for what they do so well.

The Puma Racing Crew

  NSY Personality: Rich Franklin
  April 17, 2007

Rich FranklinNewport Shipyard has a unique management structure with three yard managers sharing identical titles, who each also head up their own departments, and collectively manage as a team. Rich Franklin's "other hat" is being head of the Machine Shop. Newport Shipyard has one of the best machine shops on the East Coast, thanks in large part to Rich.

Rich started at the Shipyard 27 years ago as a machinist; he has "seen it all"! He made the transition easily from the commercial side to mega-yachts. Not only did he make the transition, but he triumphed by bringing his no-nonsense style to the forefront that impressed our customers and kept the yard crew looking up to him as a leader.

The other two yard managers are Steve Figueiredo, head of our electrical shop, and Dockmaster Eli Dana. We've managed this way for three years and, to my knowledge, there has never been a raised voice between them. It has been amazingly smooth. Here's how it works: Rich says, "done" to everything discussed.... knowing completion is just around the corner; Steve says "I'll take care of it" to so many things that no human being could possibly ever get through it all, and Eli says little and calmly pushes ahead without claiming anything!

When Rich isn't "checking in" on the Shipyard on any given blustery weekend, he can be found riding motorcycles all over Aquidneck Island. He and his wife, Sheryl, have two grown children and live in Middletown. Rich's motorcycle is always on the ready, which puts him on our Security's "speed dial" for any number of situations in off hours. One of the most responsible and kind-hearted people you will ever meet, we are proud to present Rich Franklin as "Personality of the Week."

  NSY Personality: Ildeberto "Al" Amaral
  March 27, 2007

al amaralYou can always hear Al coming before you see him, as he whistles his way into sight......

Al has been in the forefront of everything we've done for 30 years.... well before Newport Shipyard came into view. It all started when Al "cold called" at our farm in the spring of 1977. He drove in and said it looked like the farm we'd just bought needed paint. I agreed it needed painting, but told him he didn't look like a painter to me. To which he replied that I didn't look like a guy who'd just bought a nice farm like that, either! We've been together ever since.

Al defines "team player" at Newport Shipyard. He gets everybody marching in the same direction..... happy and smiling. He understands politics better then anyone I've ever worked with, and can cut the baloney out of a job without offending anyone or even having them realize they've been re-directed. He can handle a wide range of tasks and approach them equally; big and small, important and maybe not so important. I always say he's a "jack of all trades" but a master of one: painting. He approaches every thing and everybody with enthusiasm and kindness.

Al is a deserving recipient of "Personality of the Week" who is constantly moving us forward. He has seen it all, and has become as key a member of the Shipyard community as he has been to our family for so many years. He lives in Dartmouth, Mass, close to where our paint-needy farm was. Each day he and his son, Cliff, drive to the Shipyard together. Cliff is the next generation!

  NSY Personality: Craig Mitchell
  March 5, 2007

FiggyIt's not often that Craig Mitchell, aka"Figgy", doesn't have a Ticonderoga shirt of some kind on, even if he doesn't in this picture. He worked on Ti a few years ago. Big Ti's owner, Scott Frantz, is a good friend who happens to give me a lot of "clothing" as well. Sometimes, I have to remind Scott at Christmastime to make sure there are no slip-ups with holiday delivery, but Figgy and I usually pull through in the end......

Figgy runs the yard paint crew and is incredibly good at what he does. This winter he is lovingly restoring Thor for my daughter, Belle, and her boyfriend, Andy. He has brought a bit of Ticonderoga with him in his advice and judgements along the way. We talk constantly about whether a bulkhead should be white, interior varnish should be matte, gloss, "silk", etc. He has great sensibilities -- cares a lot -- and makes the process fun. He couldn't be more deserving of "Personality of the Week."

One bit of trivia: Posy and I sailed offshore with Figgy on Saint Roque when we headed south a few years ago. He was cool, calm, and collected and we had some "active" autumn weather to contend with. Yes, I had to keep telling him "everything would be OK", but he made it just fine! Kidding aside, it was a privilege to get to sail with someone you enjoy working with so much.

  NSY Personality: Steve Figueiredo
  February 14, 2007

Steve Fig"No problem, I'll take care of it"... the seven sweetest words spoken at Newport Shipyard - even on Valentine's Day! Fortunately for all of us, that is Steve Figueiredo's mantra and he does "take care of it" with his unflappable demeanor. We joke that he can't possibly pull off something.... only to be proven wrong every time.

Steve plays two very important roles at the Shipyard; he is yard manager and head of the electrical department. Newport Shipyard divides its managerial responsibilities amongst three people... Steve, Rich Franklin, and Dockmaster Eli. This has worked incredibly smoothly, in large part because Steve has set a standard of 'nothing is too much when it comes to our customers.' Not just idle talk..... in eight years, I cannot recall a single complaint on anything Steve has done. Amazing.

At the end of the day, often after seven at night, Steve drives home to Marion, an hour away. It makes for a long day and we admire Steve, a renaissance man, who even cuts his own hair. Try to cut the back of your head sometime..... !? That's Steve.

  NSY Personality: Andy Ridall
  January 22, 2007

andy ridallAndy Ridall's story is a good one. He grew up in Toledo, Ohio and Atlanta, not exactly yachting capitals, but found his way to the water by meeting my daughter Belle (of Newport Shipyard's Belle's Cafe fame) and becoming a Shipyard dockhand for Eli while in college.

It doesn't end there. He grew to love boats so much that he and Belle bought the 42' THOR (Rhodes, Abeking, '55, pictured Oct 10th in this column), which is being restored right now at the Shipyard. Check out her restoration progress on our "THOR Shipyard Cam".

What Andy didn't know, which was plenty, he has since absorbed like a sponge. He's smart, he reads, and he's bitten badly by the sailing bug! He may be incurable.

Elizabeth Meyer helped in his search for just the right classic. Elizabeth knows her stuff and kept asking "where" and "how" did Andy pick it all up? Andy's dispatches evaluating this boat or that boat never cracked an egg! How did this guy get to where he is? We don't know..... but we're keeping an eye on him and naming him "Personality of the Week" to tip our hat to his morphing into a sailor right under our Shipyard eyes.

  NSY Personality: Mindy Gregson
  January 12, 2007

Mindy GregsonMindy Gregson started at Newport Shipyard four years ago as a dock hand and has worked her way up to her current position as assistant dockmaster. Having recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marine Affairs, Mindy works full-time at the Shipyard and will help implement our new software program (DOCKMASTER) that will seamlessly integrate the dock office, yard services, ship's stores, Belle's Cafe and tenant relations into a smoothly organized operation by next season.

Whether on the VHF guiding in a new customer or dealing with professional yacht captains and crew, Mindy is cool and competent under pressure. She is also well-known within the Newport Shipyard community for helping Eli organize the popular crew & staff BBQ's that were held frequently this past summer.

  NSY Personality: Dennis Conner
  December 30, 2006

Dennis ConnerDennis Conner and his beautiful-as-ever wife, Daintry, visited us for a sail in Nassau just before Christmas. My relationship with DC goes back to the start of the FREEDOM America's Cup campaign in 1979..... known to old salts as the "best campaign." After that, he won the Cup three more times...... eventually compiling an amazing total of eight America's Cup teams!

Dockmaster Eli worked for Dennis in his last Cup campaign, practicing in Long Beach and then went to New Zealand. Dennis promised us that the boy we sent him would come back a man, complete with lifelong friends and an experience like no other. Truer words were never said....... the experience made Eli the hardest working Dockmaster around, who knew more than a thing or two about rigging thanks to the STARS & STRIPES team. Newport Shipyard thanks Dennis, and proudly makes him 'Personality of the Week' as we enter the New Year.

DC's latest project has been the meticulous restoration of the 50' 1925, COTTON BLOSSOM II, which he just campaigned successfully on the classic circuit in the Med. She's more than beautiful and goes like a rocket ship. Dennis, having accomplished her restoration and compiled an enviable record, is putting her up for sale. The lucky buyer.....

  NSY Personality: Ambassador Rooney
  December 20, 2006

Francis RooneyNewport Shipyard has a distinguished Ambassador in its partner ranks! Francis Rooney is not only a sailor, but is the US Ambassador to the Vatican.

In spite of his schedule, he's always been a reachable and a willing ear for the Shipyard offering advice and wisdom drawn from an amazing business career. Francis was introduced to the Shipyard by docking here a few years ago aboard his 92' GITANA, the former VICTORIA of STRATHERN. He liked how we did things, and a relationship developed..... aided and abetted by several St Barth's and Newport Buckets!

I don't know if I've ever talked to Francis without him saying how delighted he and his family are to be part of the Shipyard. We Dana's live very much by the "family" aspect, and hearing it from Francis makes our partnership run deeper. He inspires us in all the right directions, and has a work ethic (which unfortunately extends to exercise!) that keeps us happily pushing forward.

  NSY Personality: Llwyd Ecclestone
  December 11, 2006

Llwyd EcclestoneAnother partner in Newport Shipyard is Llwyd Ecclestone. I first got to know Llwyd almost twenty years ago when we got together in purchasing 'Harbour Court', the New York Yacht Club's waterfront clubhouse across the harbor. We had an impromptu meeting aboard his then yacht, VOLCANO.... and soon we owned a mansion together! Our 'Harbour Court' partnership has sort of morphed into our Newport Shipyard partnership. He called me upset after we decided to save the Shipyard asking "why" I hadn't invited him to participate. Didn't I know he always wanted to do something like that!?

Llwyd is a sailor we can all look up to. He has owned a series of incredible boats, up to his present day KETURAH, a 92' sloop he launch in New Zealand in 2003. He has won several of racing biggies, such as the Chicago-Mackinac and the Bermuda Race (aboard his last boat, KODIAK.) He's amazingly competitive at times, but he can switch gears in an instant and be one of the best "cruisers" I've ever known.

All of Llwyd's boats have also had that ability to "switch gears". Masts are swapped, in some cases keels, sails, interiors "adjusted", and off Llwyd will go across the Pacific, to Croatia, or be found gunk-holing in Maine. Many racers I've known are lousy cruisers. Llwyd gets it completely. He's also been very loyal to his friends he has sailed with over the years, and his wife and kids are around enough to consider his boat a "family" endeavor.

  NSY Personality: David Ray
  December 4, 2006

David RayWhen it comes to my partner, David Ray, I (Charlie) have to grab a pen! We're best friends who compete like crazy..... on just about anything. A magazine writer one time asked my daughter, Belle, if she knew of the "competition" between David and her father...... to which she simply answered, "all my life"!

David was ground zero at Newport Shipyard, as he was at his "ground zero", Bannister's Wharf...... the most popular destination in Newport. His ownership percentage has waned, but he has been there every step of the way, from the days we were fingerprinted in 1998 in order to bid for the Shipyard in Bankruptcy Court. David says he told me about it..... yet (of course) I in fact told him! What really matters, however, is we both committed to saving the Shipyard on a fateful night by phone when I was offshore "on watch".

It was brutally hard and complicated work at first cleaning up a defunct dirty commercial operation in the middle of Newport, with major problems hitting us from every direction and no money flowing to help. I always say that David has the best ideas in the room at a meeting..... and his "street smarts" served us well. He's fun too, and I still laugh when I look around each day at some of his observations from that early time.

So..... from this I hope you realize that I now run a better wharf than David, sail faster in my boat, appear more youthful than him, and could use some help in reminding him that Feb 6th is his Godson Nick Dana's 21st birthday, who is expecting "great things"!

  NSY Personality: Rich Wilkinson
  November 28, 2006

Rick WilkinsonRich Wilkinson has worked at Newport Shipyard for over 20 years in a multitude of capacities. He is everyone's go to person for troubleshooting everything from faulty webcams to "my phone doesn't work" to "Rich, how do we get the permits for..."

"Ask Rich" is probably the most oft-spoken phrase at One Washington Street. His low-key manner belies the array of talents he brings. In fact he is so low-key that he managed to get married recently without any fanfare. It only came out because someone asked him what he was going to do on the upcoming weekend, to which he casually answered that he was getting married.. His wife, Rocio and his step-son, David, have become welcome and familiar faces at the Shipyard.

  Happy Thanksgiving
  November 19, 2006

All of us at Newport Shipyard wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

And thank you for the confidence and trust
you have shown in us this past year.

May you pick your weather patterns wisely and
may your auto-pilot perform flawlessly.


  NSY Personalities: Mike & Jan Watts
  November 13, 2006

Southern BelleAfter arriving at Newport Shipyard onboard their boat Southern Belle at the end of July for a short stop-over, Mike and Jan Watts returned on August 13 and became regular fixtures at the Shipyard - attending almost every BBQ and party every since!

Always arriving with big smiles, delicious appetizers and wine or cocktails, the Newport Shipyard crew became their adopted summer family. And with their golden retriever Daisy tagging along, Mike and Jan would grab coffee and breakfast every morning at Belle's before they headed out for a walk on the town.

The Watts headed south on Southern Belle on Friday...bound for South Carolina to play the tail end of the golf season, then on the Caribbean for the rest of the winter. They will surely be missed around the Shipyard and we look forward to hopefully seeing them back in Newport next summer.

  NSY Personality: Niall Rafferty
  November 7, 2006

Niall RaffertyCaptain of the formidable 127-foot Alden-designed motor-sailer Parlay, Niall Rafferty has spent more than a decade sailing large cruising boats in and out of Newport for rigging, painting and other projects. A native of Ireland, but now a U.S. Citizen and resident of Florida, "Raf" has been captain of Parlay since February.

With his five full-time and six part-time crew, Raf is currently managing a long list of service and repairs onboard Parlay at Newport Shipyard before they head south during the first week in December bound for St Barth's. "The Shipyard is great, it's downtown and has the big boat facilities we require," said Rafferty.

Parlay, built in 1991 at Ortova Navi in Italy for Leslie Quick and his family, will spend the first part of the winter in the Caribbean and then will head back to Florida for January and February. They plan to participate in the St Barth's Bucket in March before heading back to New England in the Spring.

  NSY Personality: Rob Myles
  October 30, 2006
  Rob MylesA lifelong competitive sailor, Rob Myles has participated in two America's Cup campaigns with Dennis Conner and is now a regular fixture at Belle's while running Hap Fauth's Bella Mente. You will remember they did pretty well earlier in the summer figuring out wind and current where others couldn't to win line honors in the Centennial Newport to Bermuda Race.

And this week on Oct 26th, an even bigger prize was bestowed on Rob and his wife, Meg, when their daughter Kate was born. She's certain to be a future sailor from these "salty" parents...... (Meg represented the USA at the 2004 Olympics in Athens!)

Newport Shipyard salutes Rob and his family for "who" they are, and what they bring to all of us by setting the bar high.....and Kate, your first Bridge Street Chicken wrap and Orangina are on the house.

  NSY Personality: Norma Dana
  October 23, 2006

Norma DanaWe just tallied our 3rd quarter numbers, which revealed that Newport Shipyard just completed its most successful "quarter" in the eight years we've been here. It was a long struggle from not having a single yacht just a few years ago..... to having the finest yachts in the world grace our docks today.

No question a lot of people's hard work and a basically good strategy did much of the "heavy lifting," but equally important was the help of some less obvious people like Norma Dana.

Financing is key to any business and three years ago we were able to take the bank out of the financial equation and "self-finance." Our numbers at that point frankly didn't entice any bank to want to help, without so many strings attached that we would have been tied up in knots! Norma understood what the right financing package could mean to us, and participated alongside the owners of Newport Shipyard.

Going "positive" for us can really be traced back to that time, which is why Norma well-deserves "Personality of the Week." Her participation in our private financing was a piece of the puzzle, and we are forever grateful to her for believing in us when we needed it most.

  NSY Personality: Steve Frank
  October 16, 2006

Steven FrankWhen former NYYC Commodore Bob Stone died last spring, many sailors wondered what would happen to his beloved 69' McCurdy & Rhodes, Concordia built, ARCADIA. "Stoney" had always been a larger-than-life charismatic personality, who even knew how to "hand over" the America's Cup with grace and humor in September '83.

Sailor Steve Frank stepped up and bought Arcadia and was seen a few days ago, chute up, sailing down the Neck with three quarters of Bob's longtime crew aboard. It warmed our hearts to know she had a new life ahead of her, with a knowledgeable sailor like Steve Frank at the helm.

Steve also got the famous Mount Gay rum spigot that Arcadia had built in to one of her "intended" water tanks! He plans to donate that well-worn spigot to the New York Yacht Club for its Sailing Center that is being built in Bob's memory.

GRACIE will be her new name after his grandmother, Newport her home port. Her #406 sail number will stay the same, and she'll go from blue to black. We salute Steve for stepping in and wish him "fair winds."

  NSY "Personality": THOR
  October 10, 2006


I am the God Thor,
I am the War God,
I am the Thunderer!
Here in my Northland,
My fastness and fortress,
Reign I forever!

Force rules the world still,
Has ruled it, shall rule it;
Meekness is weakness,
Strength is triumphant,
Over the whole earth
Still is it Thor's Day!

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Reading Longfellow's battle-cry, it is easy to see why the arrival of the yacht Thor at Newport Shipyard has struck fear in the hearts of local sailors and their vessels. All hands have been seen working busily around the yard, preparing their yachts for . . . for what? If you ask one of the crew, he'll tell you it's hurricane season, and you can never be too prepared . . . before glancing uneasily over his shoulder at the little blue yawl floating ominously by the 70-ton basin. In fact, rumor has it that the second roast of Hamilton Porker Bacon (following - some say suspiciously - on the heels of the first roast) was actually a sacrifice to the Thunder God, a desperate effort by Dockmaster Eli Dana to protect his fleet from the wrath of this mercurial new arrival.

But fear not, Local Salt, for such a sweet little ship couldn't possibly harbor the imperious designs of her patron god. While popular belief holds that the vessel was forged using Thor's hammer "Mjolnir" in the land of Asgard somewhere around the turn of the 5th Century BC, scholars have recently proved this theory to be apocryphal. Research has uncovered that Thor was actually constructed by mortals at the Abeking & Rasmussen yard in Germany in the year 1955 AD. She was designed by a mortal also, coming from the pen of the prolific New York designer Phil Rhodes. So please don't let Thor frighten you, and don't perpetuate the myth that she is a violent war-monger. Stereotyping is wrong. Instead we should all welcome Thor to the Newport Shipyard family . . . and may God have mercy on those who don't!

  NSY Personality: Commodore George Hinman
  October 2, 2006

Commodore HinmanNYYC Commodore George Hinman at the helm of his newly delivered New York 42, CONSPIRACY.

The newly minted dark blue hull #1 of the NY 42 class that is being introduced by Nautor's Swan is awaiting its rig and final touches at Newport Shipyard. Thirty-five sisterships were ordered in the first five months. It will be a large class sailing under the IRC Rule. Commodore Hinman, a long-time advocate of Corinthian sailing, is enthusiastic about the response to the new one-design.

The Commodore has also been active in promoting international team racing and this past weekend the NYYC hosted the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda from Porto Cervo, Italy for several days of competitive racing in Newport waters.

As the New York Yacht Club's 59th Commodore, he follows his father who was the 39th. Both father and son were closely involved with the America's Cup through several different campaigns, most notably INTREPID in 1967. Commodore Hinman and his wife Emilie live in Greenwich, CT.

  NSY Personality: Jimmy Correia
  September 25, 2006

Jimmy CorreiaJimmy Correia (left) keeps the boss calm as he moves a multi-million dollar, 150-foot, "just out of the box" yacht from one side of the Shipyard to the other like a giant Tonka Toy on steroids. It is every man's ultimate have control of a remote that moves a 330-ton lift with tires the size of a pick-up-truck.

Jimmy's friendly, good-natured banter belies his expertise and concentration when it comes to maneuvering these behemoths around cars, people, dogs, tents and other boats. With a small yellow remote slung around his neck, Jimmy moves the yachts around in a complicated ballet to their assigned position and then sets them on jack-stands.

Jimmy has been with Newport Shipyard since the old commercial days and was one of the first to embrace the mega-yacht vision for a different sort of yard. He moved seamlessly from guiding 300-foot commercial ferries up the railway to jockeying the latest superyachts into the sling. Jimmy's son, Josh, has followed in his father's footsteps and is showing the same affection for the 'remote' as his Dad.

  NSY Personalities: Amy Laing & Maggie Vale
  September 18, 2006

Maggie AmyAmy Laing & Maggie Vale are part of the spirited team at Churchill Yacht Partners, headquartered at Newport Shipyard. Amy plans every great party that Churchill throws with meticulous detail... and they are famous for their own brand of entertainment. She finds herself den-mother to a boisterous team of sailors on Whisper and Bella Mente and procurer of their ever-changing and colorful team-wear.

Maggie manages the Charter fleet for Churchill, but can put on a wig quicker than most! With her innate artistic flair, she carries out Amy's party themes in full regalia and then leads everyone out to the dance floor.

Thanks to this dynamic duo, no one has a better time than the Churchill team when it comes to working hard and playing hard!

  NSY Personality: Hamilton Porker Bacon VI
  September 8, 2006

Pig RoastThe late Hamilton Porker Bacon VI, of Salem Connecticut died last Friday in the arms of his good friends, Brian and John (Capt. and mate of M/Y Windscape).

In a poignant last gesture his friends loaded him onto a bed of ice and took him for a symbolic last fling at Mohegan Sun where they recklessly gambled away his legacy to them. Having fulfilled Ham's last wish they sped him back to Newport Shipyard where they put him on a funeral pyre (425 deg. for 6 hrs.)

At eight o'clock, accompanied by a three-piece band, he was served to the 150 or so hungry sailors who had come to pay their respects. Thank you Brian and John...and Eli for making good 'ole Ham's demise a tasty tribute.

  NSY Personalities: Oatsie Charles and Sister Therese Antone
  September 5, 2006

Sister ThereseOatsie Charles and Sister Therese Antone
Last Thursday evening at Newport Shipyard, Salve Regina University honored members of its sailing team for winning the gold medal at the 2006 Yngling Worlds in France. They also won the junior division at the Yngling North American championship at Thunder Bay in Michigan just two weeks ago.

Local sailing personalities and supporters of the University have taken notice of Salve's success on the water, and have joined forces to keep the team reaching for the top of the leaderboard.

The fund-raiser at the Shipyard resulted in six new boats.... complete with notable names gracing the new fleet. Sister Therese, Sister Esther, and others already had boats named for them, so donors began naming the rest of the fleet for such Newporters as Oatsie Charles, Nuala Pell and Noreen Drexel.... a formidable line-up of powerful women.

Sister Therese is seen most Sunday mornings at Belle's. As well, Oatsie's sleek black Lincoln glides around the Shipyard often to check out the yachts. Salve Sailing looks to be in good hands! Coach John Ingalls has made some very good friends.

  NSY Personality: Diana Ivanova
  August 28, 2006

Diana IvanovaDiana Ivanova, from Sophia, Bulgaria is familiar to Shipyard regulars of the past few summers. Up until this summer she has been the up-beat, energetic heart of Belle's. Diana recently received her university degree in communications in Bulgaria and had hoped to come back to the Shipyard this summer and then contuinue her graduate studies over here, but it wasn't to be. Because Diana could not get to Belle's, Belle's went to her in the form of Belle (Dana) and boyfriend, Andy Ridall who spent several days in Bulgaria with Diana and Anatoli having the "best holiday we've ever had."

Diana stays in close touch with friends in Newport and constantly checks the website hoping to see news and photos. Her charm and enthusiasm are very missed and we are hoping that she and Anatoli will return next summer. They welcome friends who visit them in Bulagaria with open arms and hearts.

  NSY Personality: Jane Stevenson
  August 21, 2006

Jane StevensonJane Stevenson, a native New Zealander who now calls Newport home, is in charge of the boats for the BARKING MAD Farr 40 racing program. A fiercely competitive program, the two BARKING MADs, one fire-engine red to match Jane's coveted Mini-Cooper and the other a serious nautical blue, are kept in top nick under Jane's close scrutiny. (Her Mini gets the same attention!)

Jane has been married for just over a year to Aussie, Chris Hosking, and is just beginning to get used to his "strange" accent.

Her 12-year-old Rotweiler, Matilda*, is usually seen sleeping in the shade of BARKING MAD. Jane and the whole BARKING MAD outfit are a colorful and appreciated addition to Newport Shipyard scene.

*editor's note: 'Matilda' sounds like a suspiciously Aussie name to give a Kiwi dog, but we doubt that she is the inspiration for BARKING MAD.

  NSY Personalities: Allen Ferreira & Ryland Hamilton
  August 14, 2006

allan rylandIf you've ever eaten at Belle's, chances are, you've seen both Allen Ferreira and Ryland Hamilton hard at work behind the counter. Allen (left), a native of Bristol, Rhode Island and a graduate of Mount Hope High School, has been working at Belle's for more than a year. In addition to cooking, he helps manage Belle's and is in charge of ordering all food and supplies. Allen started his culinary career at Tav-Vino in Warren, RI when he was 16-years-old. He then worked at Gertrude's Galley in Middletown before he came to Belle's last April. In his free time, you might catch Allen in a WWE wrestling tournament, but don't be surprised if you don't see his name in the program. On the mat, Allen goes by the name "Jason Blade." His next bout is on September 12 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ryland (above, right) is a native of Montego Bay, Jamaica. He started cooking at Belle's four years ago when the Café first opened. Ryland, who is also a cook at the Marriott Hotel, spends nine months in Newport and then takes three months off (December-February) to return to Jamaica to spend time with his wife Sophia. Ryland started coming to Newport in 1999 through a program offered by the Marriott. When he's not cooking or spending time with his wife or son Demar, 2, you can find Ryland watching the West Indies Cricket Club on television.

So the next time you're having breakfast or lunch at the counter in Belle's, be sure to say hello to Allen and Ryland. They'll be glad you know their names!

  NSY Personality: Bill Osman
  August 7, 2006

Bill OsmanAfter two tours of duty in Vietnam and serving in the US Navy for 32 years, Bill Osman and his wife Claire-Marie settled down in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. A father to four children and a grandfather to six, it seems Bill considers the people around Newport Shipyard part of his extended family as well. "I have been working at Newport Shipyard since I started with Blackstone Valley Security three years ago. They guarantee me work here at the Shipyard, which is why I have stayed on with (Blackstone Valley)", he said.

A native of Oswego, New York, Bill retired from the Navy as a Master Chief and during his time in Vietman was awarded with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. Ironically, Claire-Marie's Dad, Bob Finn, worked at Newport Shipyard many years ago and is remembered by several Shipyard veterans, including Patti Fullerton.

Thank you, Bill, for the great job you do keeping everything in line at the front gate. We love your terrific work ethic and ability to keep your sense of humor during what can sometimes be chaotic circumstances. We also thank you for serving our country - you have earned our respect and admiration!

  NSY Personality: Eli Dana
  July 31, 2006

Eli Dana"Eli speaking...." punctuates most conversations with Eli Dana as he answers his omnipresent BlackBerry and quietly proceeds to direct a 160' yacht to its proper berth and then resumes his conversation with you.

Eli is Newport Shipyard's Dockmaster extraordinaire. Cool under pressure, he manages to keep track of his large posse of red-shirted dock staff with radios and cell phones. He is a wealth of knowledge about any boat in the Shipyard and knows the captains and crew of most. Every few weeks Eli will throw a BBQ (with deep-fried turkey, of course) for any and all around the Yard.

While his hours at the Yard would seem to leave him no time for "a life," he has been spotted at more than a few night spots with his fellow sailors.

  NSY Personality: Patti Fullerton
  July 24, 2006

Patti FullertonPatti Fullerton has been the voice of Newport Shipyard for over three decades. She has seen it all. Anyone who has spent any time in the Shipyard knows Patti, whether it be to pick up their mail, find another employee or just shoot the breeze. If you want to know what is going on at any given moment you turn to Patti and her always sunny smile.

Patti is control central and our human database. She has also become quite the armchair sailor with her dog, Salty and her newest find, Grey Goose. Patti is the heart, in every respect, of Newport Shipyard.

  NSY Personality: Joaquin Davila
  July 17, 2006

Joachin DavilaJoaquin Davila has just built Davila Sport Marina on the Atlantic coast of Spain. In his 1st ever newsletter, he mentioned "how far" they were from Gibraltar and other places near them. Outraged at his not mentioning "distance from Newport Shipyard," Charlie Dana e-mailed Joaquin and expressed his bitter disappointment!

Joaquin in his 2nd ever newsletter headlined, "This one's for you, Charlie" and gave the distance from Newport Shipyard. We would like to return the favor and mention that Davila Sport Marina is a mere 2,731 miles from Newport Shipyard. Check them out at

This gesture earned Joaquin Davila of Marina Davila "personality of the week" in our eyes..... It is a great full-service stopover for anyone including yachts up to and over 150 meters conveniently located en route to the Med. Valsheda stopped there recently.

  NSY Personality: Bruno Peyron
  July 3, 2006

Bruno PeyronAfter calling Newport Shipyard home for several weeks in preparation to attempt breaking the Transatlantic Record, Orange II set out from New York on Sunday, July 2 and has already broken the 24-hour record, by covering 752 miles in one day!

The current Transatlantic record is held by Steve Fossett and his team on PlayStation, (4 days, 17 hours 28 minutes and 6 seconds.)

This has been a great start for Bruno Peyron and his eleven-man crew, who have managed to maintain an average speed of 31.2 knots since Ambrose Light (the starting line for the Transatlantic record.)

Everyone at Newport Shipyard wishes Bruno and his crew much luck! You can follow Orange II by logging on to:

  NSY Personality: Dirk Johnson
  June 26, 2006
  Dirk JohnsonDirk Johnson of Churchill Yacht Partners is a familiar fixture at Newport Shipyard. Highly respected in the yachting world, he recently navigated his way to Bermuda Race line honors on Hap Fauth's, Bella Mente. He has been brilliant in figuring out how to best get to Bermuda several times, previously helping score a win for Zaraffa. He is as unflappable on the race course as he is in the office or dining at Belle's.

While his fellow crewmembers on Bella Mente went stir crazy in the windless calm getting to Bermuda, Dirk reminded them that the slop and slatting sails were their best friends because it meant they were still in the Stream heading in the right direction! He told them to worry if it got pleasantly quiet.

  NSY Personality: "Mayor" Justin Smith
June 19, 2006

Justin SmithNewport Shipyard's annointed Mayor, Justin "Juggy" Smith has been a fixture at the Shipyard for the last four years.

Juggy and his trailer with its distinctive ALPINIST graphics are at the epicenter of the yard and no one can miss him. There is even a rumor that he lives in his RIOT trailer and comes out only to lobby for mayoral votes during lunchtime at Belle's.

Juggy is Newport all the way, a graduate of Rogers HS and URI, he is an experienced sailor and has the waterfront covered.

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