Newport Shipyard Refit Report: Vango


Newport, RI (August 25, 2014) -- VANGO, a Wesport 164, was hauled June 30 at Newport Shipyard in Newport, RI to undergo a full topside paint application. The vessel also received new underwater coatings and rebuilds to all three of its Northern Light generators.

Capt. Dave Haggerman chose to complete this work during the summer months in Newport, to ensure the owner would have adequate cruising time before attending both the Newport Brokerage Boat Show (Sept. 11-14 at Newport Shipyard) and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show (Oct. 30 - Nov. 3).

Capt. Dave and the experienced team at Newport Shipyard, led by Project Manager Jay Mulrooney, discussed the project for quite a few months preceding the haul-out date. The Newport Shipyard team and the VANGO crew worked out the fine details and a manageable schedule to be certain a large paint project like this could be completed in a short time frame. Capt. Dave stated, "I felt like I was in good hands at Newport Shipyard and was confident with their background and history to keep me on schedule. It was of utmost importance that we complete this project and be ready for cruising in New England in early August." Newport Shipyard's preparation for this high quality paint job ensured a safe environment for its employees, subcontractors and customers. "When Jay showed me the exhaust system they designed and built for VANGO's paint job, I couldn't believe it," Capt. Dave said. "The output of their ventilation box contained zero overspray and had no odor."

Capt. Dave was impressed with the high level of organization throughout the entire project, especially toward the end of the job where things can sometimes waiver or be delayed. These final critical steps allowed the crew to resume their duties and ready the yacht for the arrival of the owners the following week. "Another valuable asset that Newport Shipyard offered was providing crew housing right across the street. This was very convenient because we all moved off the boat for the project and were able to go 'home' for lunch, as well as complete administrative and accounting work. It also meant we did not have to rent a car when we required transportation because Newport Shipyard has courtesy vehicles available." Capt. Dave reported.

"Finally, Newport Shipyard met their original estimated budget without issue, and in fact  came in a few thousand dollars under budget, and a week ahead of schedule. To be ahead of schedule and under budget is a real feat with a project of this magnitude."

Jay Mulrooney expressed his thanks to Capt. Dave and VANGO's Chief Engineer, Jeff. "I look forward to working with Capt. Dave and Jeff again soon; they were a huge part of this project's success! I wish them luck with the sale of VANGO and can't wait to see what's next," Mulrooney concluded.

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