May 9, 2016

Dave Markell grew up in the insurance business. Working with his grandfather and father at Markell & Sons for more than 30 years, Dave began a new venture with Bob Peck to establish Triton Insurance at Newport Shipyard in 2011.

You won’t meet a friendlier or more sincere person in insurance than Dave Markell. Born and raised in Fall River, MA, he moved to Newport in 1976 where he and his wife, Kathy, raised their three daughters. “We love having Dave and Bob here at the Shipyard - they have good energy and are fun to talk with,” Eli Dana said. “They are experts in the marine insurance business, and are efficient and knowledgeable which makes working with them very easy.”

When not at work, you might find Dave at the polo grounds where he is the club manager and the head umpire of the Newport International Polo Series. “I spend tons of time there - every Tuesday and Thursday for practice and every Saturday starting Memorial Day Weekend. Polo is something I have been very passionate about for 25 years and I am thrilled with how popular it has become on Aquidneck Island,” Markell said.

“We picked the Shipyard for our insurance headquarters because of the magnitude of marine business that occurs here every day,” Markell explained. “It’s a beautiful location and the people at Newport Shipyard, both employees and the many tenants and subcontractors that work here, are great to work with. We also love mingling with boat owners, shipyard owners, and other marine business owners because they are passionate about what they do. Insurance can be a dry topic but when talking with people about something they love, it makes it fun and interesting,” Markell continued. “We know we picked a great spot too because every insurance underwriter we work with visits us a ton in the summer because they love coming to Newport Shipyard.”

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