Newport Shipyard Personalities: Oatsie Charles and Sister Therese Antone


Last Thursday evening at Newport Shipyard, Salve Regina University honored members of its sailing team for winning the gold medal at the 2006 Yngling Worlds in France. They also won the junior division at the Yngling North American championship at Thunder Bay in Michigan just two weeks ago.

Local sailing personalities and supporters of the University have taken notice of Salve's success on the water, and have joined forces to keep the team reaching for the top of the leaderboard.

The fund-raiser at the Shipyard resulted in six new boats.... complete with notable names gracing the new fleet. Sister Therese, Sister Esther, and others already had boats named for them, so donors began naming the rest of the fleet for such Newporters as Oatsie Charles, Nuala Pell and Noreen Drexel.... a formidable line-up of powerful women.

Sister Therese is seen most Sunday mornings at Belle's. As well, Oatsie's sleek black Lincoln glides around the Shipyard often to check out the yachts. Salve Sailing looks to be in good hands! Coach John Ingalls has made some very good friends.