Newport Shipyard Personality: Diana Ivanova

Diana Ivanova, from Sophia, Bulgaria is familiar to Shipyard regulars of the past few summers. Up until this summer she has been the up-beat, energetic heart of Belle's. Diana recently received her university degree in communications in Bulgaria and had hoped to come back to the Shipyard this summer and then contuinue her graduate studies over here, but it wasn't to be. Because Diana could not get to Belle's, Belle's went to her in the form of Belle (Dana) and boyfriend, Andy Ridall who spent several days in Bulgaria with Diana and Anatoli having the "best holiday we've ever had."

Diana stays in close touch with friends in Newport and constantly checks the website hoping to see news and photos. Her charm and enthusiasm are very missed and we are hoping that she and Anatoli will return next summer. They welcome friends who visit them in Bulagaria with open arms and hearts.