Newport Shipyard Personality: Jane Stevenson

Jane Stevenson, a native New Zealander who now calls Newport home, is in charge of the boats for the BARKING MAD Farr 40 racing program. A fiercely competitive program, the two BARKING MADs, one fire-engine red to match Jane's coveted Mini-Cooper and the other a serious nautical blue, are kept in top nick under Jane's close scrutiny. (Her Mini gets the same attention!) 

Jane has been married for just over a year to Aussie, Chris Hosking, and is just beginning to get used to his "strange" accent.

Her 12-year-old Rotweiler, Matilda*, is usually seen sleeping in the shade of BARKING MAD. Jane and the whole BARKING MAD outfit are a colorful and appreciated addition to Newport Shipyard scene.

*editor's note: 'Matilda' sounds like a suspiciously Aussie name to give a Kiwi dog, but we doubt that she is the inspiration for BARKING MAD.