Newport Shipyard Personality: Jimmy Correia

Jimmy Correia keeps the boss calm as he moves a multi-million dollar, 150-foot, "just out of the box" yacht from one side of the Shipyard to the other like a giant Tonka Toy on steroids. It is every man's ultimate have control of a remote that moves a 330-ton lift with tires the size of a pick-up-truck.

Jimmy's friendly, good-natured banter belies his expertise and concentration when it comes to maneuvering these behemoths around cars, people, dogs, tents and other boats. With a small yellow remote slung around his neck, Jimmy moves the yachts around in a complicated ballet to their assigned position and then sets them on jack-stands.

Jimmy has been with Newport Shipyard since the old commercial days and was one of the first to embrace the mega-yacht vision for a different sort of yard. He moved seamlessly from guiding 300-foot commercial ferries up the railway to jockeying the latest superyachts into the sling. Jimmy's son, Josh, has followed in his father's footsteps and is showing the same affection for the 'remote' as his Dad.

Veronica BrownNewport Shipyard