Shipyard Personality: Norma Dana

We just tallied our 3rd quarter numbers, which revealed that Newport Shipyard just completed its most successful "quarter" in the eight years we've been here. It was a long struggle from not having a single yacht just a few years ago..... to having the finest yachts in the world grace our docks today.

No question a lot of people's hard work and a basically good strategy did much of the "heavy lifting," but equally important was the help of some less obvious people like Norma Dana.

Financing is key to any business and three years ago we were able to take the bank out of the financial equation and "self-finance." Our numbers at that point frankly didn't entice any bank to want to help, without so many strings attached that we would have been tied up in knots! Norma understood what the right financing package could mean to us, and participated alongside the owners of Newport Shipyard.

Going "positive" for us can really be traced back to that time, which is why Norma well-deserves "Personality of the Week." Her participation in our private financing was a piece of the puzzle, and we are forever grateful to her for believing in us when we needed it most.