Newport Shipyard Personality: Ambassador Rooney


Newport Shipyard has a distinguished Ambassador in its partner ranks! Francis Rooney is not only a sailor, but is the US Ambassador to the Vatican. 

In spite of his schedule, he's always been a reachable and a willing ear for the Shipyard offering advice and wisdom drawn from an amazing business career. Francis was introduced to the Shipyard by docking here a few years ago aboard his 92' GITANA, the former VICTORIA of STRATHERN. He liked how we did things, and a relationship developed..... aided and abetted by several St Barth's and Newport Buckets! 

I don't know if I've ever talked to Francis without him saying how delighted he and his family are to be part of the Shipyard. We Dana's live very much by the "family" aspect, and hearing it from Francis makes our partnership run deeper. He inspires us in all the right directions, and has a work ethic (which unfortunately extends to exercise!) that keeps us happily pushing forward.