Newport Shipyard Personality: Dennis Conner


Dennis Conner and his beautiful-as-ever wife, Daintry, visited us for a sail in Nassau just before Christmas. My relationship with DC goes back to the start of the FREEDOM America's Cup campaign in 1979..... known to old salts as the "best campaign." After that, he won the Cup three more times...... eventually compiling an amazing total of eight America's Cup teams! 

Dockmaster Eli worked for Dennis in his last Cup campaign, practicing in Long Beach and then went to New Zealand. Dennis promised us that the boy we sent him would come back a man, complete with lifelong friends and an experience like no other. Truer words were never said....... the experience made Eli the hardest working Dockmaster around, who knew more than a thing or two about rigging thanks to the STARS & STRIPES team. Newport Shipyard thanks Dennis, and proudly makes him 'Personality of the Week' as we enter the New Year.

DC's latest project has been the meticulous restoration of the 50' 1925, COTTON BLOSSOM II, which he just campaigned successfully on the classic circuit in the Med. She's more than beautiful and goes like a rocket ship. Dennis, having accomplished her restoration and compiled an enviable record, is putting her up for sale. The lucky buyer.....