Newport Shipyard Personality: Llwyd Ecclestone

Another partner in Newport Shipyard is Llwyd Ecclestone. I first got to know Llwyd almost twenty years ago when we got together in purchasing 'Harbour Court', the New York Yacht Club's waterfront clubhouse across the harbor. We had an impromptu meeting aboard his then yacht, VOLCANO.... and soon we owned a mansion together! Our 'Harbour Court' partnership has sort of morphed into our Newport Shipyard partnership. He called me upset after we decided to save the Shipyard asking "why" I hadn't invited him to participate. Didn't I know he always wanted to do something like that!?

Llwyd is a sailor we can all look up to. He has owned a series of incredible boats, up to his present day KETURAH, a 92' sloop he launch in New Zealand in 2003. He has won several of racing biggies, such as the Chicago-Mackinac and the Bermuda Race (aboard his last boat, KODIAK.) He's amazingly competitive at times, but he can switch gears in an instant and be one of the best "cruisers" I've ever known.

All of Llwyd's boats have also had that ability to "switch gears". Masts are swapped, in some cases keels, sails, interiors "adjusted", and off Llwyd will go across the Pacific, to Croatia, or be found gunk-holing in Maine. Many racers I've known are lousy cruisers. Llwyd gets it completely. He's also been very loyal to his friends he has sailed with over the years, and his wife and kids are around enough to consider his boat a "family" endeavor.