Newport Shipyard Personality: Joaquin Davila

Joaquin Davila has just built Davila Sport Marina on the Atlantic coast of Spain. In his 1st ever newsletter, he mentioned "how far" they were from Gibraltar and other places near them. Outraged at his not mentioning "distance from Newport Shipyard," Charlie Dana e-mailed Joaquin and expressed his bitter disappointment!

Joaquin in his 2nd ever newsletter headlined, "This one's for you, Charlie" and gave the distance from Newport Shipyard. We would like to return the favor and mention that Davila Sport Marina is a mere 2,731 miles from Newport Shipyard. Check them out at

This gesture earned Joaquin Davila of Marina Davila "personality of the week" in our eyes..... It is a great full-service stopover for anyone including yachts up to and over 150 meters conveniently located en route to the Med. Valsheda  stopped there recently.

Veronica Brown