Newport Shipyard Personality: Eli Dana

"Eli speaking...." punctuates most conversations with Eli Dana as he answers his omnipresent BlackBerry and quietly proceeds to direct a 160' yacht to its proper berth and then resumes his conversation with you.

Eli is Newport Shipyard's Dockmaster extraordinaire. Cool under pressure, he manages to keep track of his large posse of red-shirted dock staff with radios and cell phones. He is a wealth of knowledge about any boat in the Shipyard and knows the captains and crew of most. Every few weeks Eli will throw a BBQ (with deep-fried turkey, of course) for any and all around the Yard.

While his hours at the Yard would seem to leave him no time for "a life," he has been spotted at more than a few night spots with his fellow sailors.

Veronica Brown