Newport Shipyard Personality: Andy Ridall

Andy Ridall's story is a good one. He grew up in Toledo, Ohio and Atlanta, not exactly yachting capitals, but found his way to the water by meeting my daughter Belle (of Newport Shipyard's Belle's Cafe fame) and becoming a Shipyard dockhand for Eli while in college.

It doesn't end there. He grew to love boats so much that he and Belle bought the 42' THOR (Rhodes, Abeking, '55, pictured Oct 10th in this column), which is being restored right now at the Shipyard. Check out her restoration progress on our "THOR Shipyard Cam".

What Andy didn't know, which was plenty, he has since absorbed like a sponge. He's smart, he reads, and he's bitten badly by the sailing bug! He may be incurable.

Elizabeth Meyer helped in his search for just the right classic. Elizabeth knows her stuff and kept asking "where" and "how" did Andy pick it all up? Andy's dispatches evaluating this boat or that boat never cracked an egg! How did this guy get to where he is? We don't know..... but we're keeping an eye on him and naming him "Personality of the Week" to tip our hat to his morphing into a sailor right under our Shipyard eyes.