Newport Shipyard Personality: Billy Black

Marine photographer Billy Black is a familiar and always smiling face around Newport Shipyard. Billy covers Shipyard events, documents refits and does brochure shoots for many of the beautiful yachts the Shipyard attracts during the year. Billy believes that the atmosphere at the Shipyard is like family, only better. "It is one of the best things about Newport," he said. "It could be a stuffy place but instead everyone is friendly, helpful and welcoming. It also attracts all the great events, the best boats and Belle's is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch."

Billy started his career in the New York fashion industry but soon realized he preferred being on the water to being in the studio and moved to Newport. He arrived on his sailboat, an Ericson 39, in 1986 and put down his anchor here for good in 1991. "Newport harbor has changed a lot in the last 20 years," Billy reflected, "I miss lots of the working waterfront but imagine what would have happened if the Danas hadn't rescued this key property."

Look for Billy, and his assistant Gretchen and dog Millie (pictured) on the photo boat - We're Here!