Newport Shipyard Personality: Craig "Figgy" Mitchell

It's not often that Craig Mitchell, aka"Figgy", doesn't have a Ticonderoga shirt of some kind on, even if he doesn't in this picture. He worked on Ti a few years ago. Big Ti's owner, Scott Frantz, is a good friend who happens to give me a lot of "clothing" as well. Sometimes, I have to remind Scott at Christmastime to make sure there are no slip-ups with holiday delivery, but Figgy and I usually pull through in the end......

Figgy runs the yard paint crew and is incredibly good at what he does. This winter he is lovingly restoring Thor for my daughter, Belle, and her boyfriend, Andy. He has brought a bit of Ticonderoga with him in his advice and judgements along the way. We talk constantly about whether a bulkhead should be white, interior varnish should be matte, gloss, "silk", etc. He has great sensibilities -- cares a lot -- and makes the process fun. He couldn't be more deserving of "Personality of the Week."

One bit of trivia: Posy and I sailed offshore with Figgy on Saint Roque when we headed south a few years ago. He was cool, calm, and collected and we had some "active" autumn weather to contend with. Yes, I had to keep telling him "everything would be OK", but he made it just fine! Kidding aside, it was a privilege to get to sail with someone you enjoy working with so much.