Newport Shipyard Personality: Happy 60th Charlie!


As you can see by the messages below you touch people in strange and 
wonderful ways. What's a life well-lived without laughter? You will see the anatomy of your brain below...and yes, it is wired differently!

We wouldn't have it any other way.

An Ode to the Birthday Boy: 
In the Prime of His Life 

Since my Father’s now reaching the prime of his life,
With a growing young family and a beautiful wife,
And because he has had a few years to mature,
He has made some new promises to help him endure.

The first vow that I heard caused me to sputter.
He said, “margarine’s great . . . it tastes just like butter!
How could I have been in the dark all this time?
From now on I’ll never abuse my waistline.”

And butter was merely the first thing to go,
For he deep-sixed the truffles, and cursed espresso.
He gave up on the Cooke House, the Black Pearl too –
Neither knew the first thing about soy or tofu.

(He said, “Belle, you understand, you surely must know,
You’ve spent more than two years in San Francisco!”)

I was a bit worried when we got into the car
And he told poor old Andy: “put out that cigar!”
But the one thing that had me truly befuddled
Was when Daddy accelerated right through the puddle.

It wasn’t long ‘til the Merc had arrived at the yard
Dear Dad left the car, and slammed the door hard.
He must have walked past five or six pieces of garbage,
And he chuckled when I sailed Saint Roque out of the harborage.

I returned some weeks later with my new friends from Bermuda;
In the saloon was a new disco ball from Barbuda.
It was clear that we hadn’t faced any gales,
For the sails were tie-dyed, with confetti tell-tales.

But never had I been in for such a shock
As when I saw Commodore Charlie at the end of the dock.
I could tell by the chocolate chip cookie in hand,
That I had returned to a much different man.

The confetti came off, the gay sails all came down,
And he surveyed the raucous scene with a frown:
“Find the caca rag,” he said, “chamois the rail,
You never know when the Queen of England will appear for a sail!”

“I’m back!” he cried, “and I say what I mean,
I don’t tolerate nonsense, I don’t hit on sixteen*
I sure don’t bathe daily, fresh water ain’t free,
There’s water aplenty for me in the sea!”

And so really, it’s great to have Dear Old Dad back,
Always refining the plan of attack.
Which brings me to Thor, that pretty white boat,
Who was blue in Mystic, barely afloat.

And to think an old sailboat gave Dad such delight,
He left to go see her quite late in the night.
When he arrived in Mystic, the hotel wasn’t far,
But they charged for a room, so he slept in the car.

So soon pretty old Thor was en route home to Newport,
The sails were all shot, so Dad motored past Harbor Court.
And at Bannister’s, Old Chuckie broke into tears,
Just thinking of David with all those extra years.

Thanks for bringing her home, Dad, and Happy Birthday,
And cheers to a man who has something to say.
We should all thank my father for making Thor float,
Just please call her “Thor,” and not “Charlie’s Boat!”

*Sworn and sealed with a handshake on 6/6/2007. Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas. 
All gambling buddies – Keep Him Honest!

Dad, Let's put this in terms you'll understand. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. However, we all know age is not measured by years as nature does not distribute energy equally. Your energy and enthusiasm for life defies your numerical age by a considerable amount. As a wise man once put it, the seven ages of man are: spills, drills, thrills, bills, ills, pills and wills. I think we can all agree that your are still firmly in your thrills phase but we'd prefer it if you graduated to the bills. All kidding aside, the fact that my sixteen month old daughter lights up whenever you enter the room should give you an idea of what you mean to all of us. You are an inspiration to all of your children and grandchild and we love you with all of our hearts. Happy Birthday!

Much love, Milo

Background music submitted by Mardie and Scarlett.
Vocals to come later.

Hello Charlie - We have exactly the same name! I decided to do a Google search on myself and stumbled across your birthday info on the Newport Shipyard site. Looks like it was just a couple weeks ago, so of course wanted to add to the happy birthday wishes--from a guy with a great name!

Best Regards,
Charlie Dana
Lafayette, CO

Dear Commodore Dana, I hope you enjoy the birthday cake from me and your friends at New York Yacht Club. I am actually amazed you are here to celebrate your 60th birthday given your penchant for talking on the cell phone while riding your motorscooter. I have alerted the Newport Police to show you no mercy the next time they pull you over for doing so, now that you are a senior citizen.

Best birthday wishes,
Commodore Townsend

Roses are red violets are blue 
it is your 60th, glad I'm not you!!

You wanted no fete so you won't be in debt
Have a wonderful day and we hope and we pray that

you'll be here 40 more years to entertain your peers,
with stories of sailing from which you are wailing

cause the butter is bad and the jam you no had
but you made it just fine and that is the last line!!!


Sixty, Charlie always has to be first. What a milestone. I know having a 0 cost birthday party will make the occasion less painful. One of my first sightings of CAD was at our farm gas pump in NJ, after bringing my sister home from a dutch treat dinner, I spied him filling up. The chicken house wasn't far away, peacocks also. I hope these were touchstones for the future, heiresses included. All the best Chuckie, Laddy and love to Posy.

Since “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit” (Oscar Wilde), on the occasion of your birthday (and the enormous honor of being selected POW of the Shipyard) we offer this…”For him in vain the envious seasons roll, Who bears eternal summer in his soul”, (Oliver Wendell Holmes). Charlie, you have eternal summer in your soul, with bright sunny days, the occasional hurricane, and all the rest that makes summer great! Happy Birthday and all the best, Peg and Tim

To Be Read with an Irish Brogue:

Well Mr. Dana, 60!! my it gives pause to us youngins! Myself and the Mr. Joel would be trying to be with you, but the buus schedule wasn't very accomodatin so we will be stayin in service up here in fairy land. Twas many years ago that I first met you and the Mrs. The wee ones were just thoughts back in those days, if you knoow what I mean. I was in service at the River Rock Farm, where you and the Mrs. and the very large (in spirit) man, a Mr Bockstoce and his elegant wife, the Mrs, would come up for dinner. I never could understand why you and the Mr, Bockstoce were always trampin up the stairs to admire the Hummel figurines placed out of sight in the guest bathroom. Later, you were so kind to take me on as the River Rock Farm people had felt it was time I "moved on". One Xmas, I was in service for you in Lyford , we stayed on the boooat and you thought I could go into service for some foreigners, one particular master, a greek i think. But that was not to be. Another year, you and the Mrs. dropped me off at quite a large estate, in Greenwich, i believe the Mr. there had barns but nooo cows rather planes in those barns. Anyway to continue , you and the Mrs. dropped me off without any BUUUS fare for the home trip. My, what a time that was and i think inapprrropriate for me to be talkin' to you about. Well, i could go on and on, but i know my place, and those in service are better seen ( especially now that i have the botox on half my face) than heard. Buut wouldn't you know all has worked out, i found Mr. Joel, and on our honeymooon we were lucky enough to be inservice for the Dana family again. You don't look a day older Mr. Dana, and the you know the gossip network for those in service is quite active, and no one reports findings of Grecian formula in your bathroom, nor containers for the false teeth etc. Here's to another 60 years of service with you, and don't forget to send my love to wee ones and the Mrs. xoxx Zellie and Mr Joel

HAPPY HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!!!! We should all be on ExtraBeat together celebrating your youth! Love and miss you guys! oxoxo Carol and Philip

Happy Birthday Charlie! You have the heart and mind of a youth; but I won’t comment on the body!

True friends of many years standing are an important part of all our lives. I am privileged to regard you as a true friend. I miss our breakfast gatherings in Newport and hope that you and Posy will be my guests in Grenada soon.

Life gets better after 60 so enjoy the future!

Best wishes
Peter & Lana

Dear Charlie, Damn.... SIX - OH. Sexagenarian.... The age when the average man who
used to think about that one thing once every 19 seconds, drops to maybe
once an day. Well, sometimes it pays to be off the charts when it comes to
being average, huh Chuck? But what a great comfort for myself, being a full
half decade behind, to have a friend like you forging the path ahead.
Really. You don't know how many times in a day that I stop and wonder...
What would Charlie do in a situation like this? ( WWCD) Sometimes I do as
you would.....other times I do something totally the opposite....... The
point is, you did those things first! Others have learned from you as
well, like Bounty Paper Towels, who now perforate their towels in half
sheets to cut down on waste and I swear Dawn Dish Soap is now watering down their product, just like you.

Here's to the next decade of trading barbs and insults ( mostly via e-mails
and cell now)

Happy Birthday,

Your Young Friend,
David MacBain

Dear Charlie,
I understand that on Wednesday you will be leaving the old-age of your youth and entering the youth of your old-age, so I write today to welcome you to this youthful state and to wish you a very happy birthday! I look forward to celebrating with you and Posy - albeit quietly and privately, maybe over breakfast - when I see you in Newport a little over two weeks from now!

Cheers and have a good one!!

What a double down and split against an eight with sevens! The elusive swing hand, way to go and happy B’day, TC

Inside the brain of 60 year old Chales A. Dana........Happy birthday's hard to believe you're entering your 7th decade. We love you xoxox Lynie and Randy

I know you will have a wonderful week to celebrate a milestone. You are truly one of the world's best people and deserve all the good wishes you will receive. Happy birthday!! xxx d

All sing along… Wrinkle, Wrinkle to you
Wrinkle , Wrinkle to you
Wrinkle, Wrinkle to the Commodore
Wrinkle, Wrinkle to you.

Happy Birthday, Commodore. We luv ya even though you have a lot less to offer than you once did.*

*edited for extreme content 

We will be in St. Tropez on Charlie's big day. Why don't you both come meet us and we can celebrate the big 60 at Cafe 55? Newport birthday is overrated. Big hug to Chuck.
xx Jilly

So I remember a dinner with Posy and Charlie and my first husband in LaJolla and when the check came Charlie pulled a coin out of his pocket and said let's flip for the bill and so you can imagine what happened..very $$$$$ meal..Happy Birthday Cousin and I hope you still have that two headed coin..xoxo Wendy

My Dear Charlie, Having recently gone through my 60th birthday I can tell you candidly that it is, in a word, devastating. Nothing is the same, nothing tastes the same, feels the same and so on. In a crowded situation younger women will often get up and offer you their seat, (a singularly uplifting libido moment.) Conversations tend to end up being about uplifting topics as well, longevity, impotence…… On a more serious note, I am truly fortunate to know you, to be somewhat involved in part of your life, and to be able to call you my friend. You have in my opinion done more to turn Newport around than anyone, with your tremendous efforts on behalf of THE NYYC and the Boat Yard. Your leadership of the Club, changing its direction and focus, was and is inspiring. Your taste in renovating Harbor Court ,your considerable fund raising skills (I have learned to run for the hills when you take out your tin cup but I never seem to make it) are testament to your multi faceted personality. Finally your choice of life partner and bride would suggest to the most cynical observer that you do indeed have taste. 
Love you Charlie, Happy Birthday, Jim Crowley