Newport Shipyard Personality: Ildeberto "Al" Amaral

You can always hear Al coming before you see him, as he whistles his way into sight......

Al has been in the forefront of everything we've done for 30 years.... well before Newport Shipyard came into view. It all started when Al "cold called" at our farm in the spring of 1977. He drove in and said it looked like the farm we'd just bought needed paint. I agreed it needed painting, but told him he didn't look like a painter to me. To which he replied that I didn't look like a guy who'd just bought a nice farm like that, either! We've been together ever since.

Al defines "team player" at Newport Shipyard. He gets everybody marching in the same direction..... happy and smiling. He understands politics better then anyone I've ever worked with, and can cut the baloney out of a job without offending anyone or even having them realize they've been re-directed. He can handle a wide range of tasks and approach them equally; big and small, important and maybe not so important. I always say he's a "jack of all trades" but a master of one: painting. He approaches every thing and everybody with enthusiasm and kindness.

Al is a deserving recipient of "Personality of the Week" who is constantly moving us forward. He has seen it all, and has become as key a member of the Shipyard community as he has been to our family for so many years. He lives in Dartmouth, Mass, close to where our paint-needy farm was. Each day he and his son, Cliff, drive to the Shipyard together. Cliff is the next generation!