Newport Shipyard Personality: Rich Franklin

Newport Shipyard has a unique management structure with three yard managers sharing identical titles, who each also head up their own departments, and collectively manage as a team. Rich Franklin's "other hat" is being head of the Machine Shop. Newport Shipyard has one of the best machine shops on the East Coast, thanks in large part to Rich. 

Rich started at the Shipyard 27 years ago as a machinist; he has "seen it all"! He made the transition easily from the commercial side to mega-yachts. Not only did he make the transition, but he triumphed by bringing his no-nonsense style to the forefront that impressed our customers and kept the yard crew looking up to him as a leader.

The other two yard managers are Steve Figueiredo, head of our electrical shop, and Dockmaster Eli Dana. We've managed this way for three years and, to my knowledge, there has never been a raised voice between them. It has been amazingly smooth. Here's how it works: Rich says, "done" to everything discussed.... knowing completion is just around the corner; Steve says "I'll take care of it" to so many things that no human being could possibly ever get through it all, and Eli says little and calmly pushes ahead without claiming anything!

When Rich isn't "checking in" on the Shipyard on any given blustery weekend, he can be found riding motorcycles all over Aquidneck Island. He and his wife, Sheryl, have two grown children and live in Middletown. Rich's motorcycle is always on the ready, which puts him on our Security's "speed dial" for any number of situations in off hours. One of the most responsible and kind-hearted people you will ever meet, we are proud to present Rich Franklin as "Personality of the Week."