Newport Shipyard Personality: Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell's first task in the marine industry was scraping seaweed off the slipway in a small boatyard in his native Scotland, so he can reasonably be said to have experienced the industry from the bottom up. His career has included 15 years with Berthon International on the UK's south coast, starting as a trainee broker and ending up as the Director. He is a Director of Oyster Marine, which he joined fourteen years ago, moving to Newport run the company's US operations in 2002.

When not in Newport he's generally to be found (true to his nationality) trying to negotiate free upgrades on his all too regular trans-Atlantic trips.

Editor's note: his "nationality traits" extended to his bringing Oyster to Newport Shipyard. We've never advertised or gone after potential tenants, because of trying to create an atmosphere at the Shipyard.... having people who want to be here. People who recognize and appreciate what it means to be in New England's #1 yachting hub. By definition, that means coming to us! Robin was very interested, but "just couldn't bring himself" to accept our terms as he labored through the details of setting up shop. I found myself chasing him in the end. He earned his stripes right in the beginning to be "Personality of the Week" and has not let us down since.