Newport Shipyard Personality: Susan Grindell

When Sue arrived at Newport Shipyard in '08 every boat was a "ship". Uh-oh. After rigorous training led by Steve Fig, Rich Franklin and Sandy De Loura, Sue's Navy background was re-calibrated in a yachtie direction. She has become amazingly adept with crew, captains, owners, and yacht management companies. Not only can she zero in there, but has turned into a virtual Inspector Clouseau when it comes to my restaurant receipts... who, what, where, and could a different menu item have been chosen. One time she asked Bill Hall of the renowned Hall's Chop House in Charleston if his establishment even existed!!

I'm told that Sue loves country music and gardening, provided Bud Light is involved. Makes sense. But.... how those peaceful endeavors morph into such strong political beliefs I have yet to figure out. The "thread" that connects all these attributes may be her loyalty; Sue shines in being close knit with her family, even managing to keep her "Little Biscoito", Samantha, under her wing at the Shipyard for the past few summers as Sam worked her way through Salve Regina. She is, as well, close knit with her co-workers and the Shipyard 'family' of boats. A real member of the team.

Watch out the 2nd of each month, that's the day Susan launches grenades.... bills. Once the bills are out, Sue then logs back into what she loves best.... Mario Kart.


Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard