Newport Shipyard Personalities: Tom & Betsy Whidden

Tom Whidden, known aptly in the sailing world as "the Dean" has been spotted numerous times this summer at Newport Shipyard on his new boat NorthLight. Most of you will know the significance of the name but for those who don't, Tom is the guiding light of North Marine Group. He has raced in more America's Cup races than anybody. He modestly refers to himself as only the "adult supervision" when he lends his legendary talent to a racing program.

While Tom is eminently likable in his own right his wife Betsy doubles that quotient and together they are indomitable. We aren't quite sure what makes them keep coming back to Newport Shipyard...we think it's the breakfast burritos at Belle's.

Their loyalty to the Shipyard knows no bounds. NorthLight was stealthily "branded" with a Shipyard flag during the Opera House Cup...and because it was gamely flown for the rest of the summer they have earned their title of Shipyard personalities.

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard