Newport Shipyard Personality: Don Glassie

How could Don be gone? He was such a character and such a bright light on the waterfront. We loved him. How can there be spring without Don painting his boat with his highly questionable painting skills?

Without Don Glassie, Newport Shipyard might not have come out of the ashes in 1998. He was an original partner, who moved on later to being "good customer". Don helped us a lot early on, very bright... always operating in a Jimmy Buffett style. Even looked like JB! In business, he probably did about as well as Buffet too.

After the America's Cup Jubilee in 2001, Don came to me in Porto Cervo and said that we could "knock" his rating for his very fast & well sailed schooner, FORTUNE... fair to say no member in the history of the NYYC surely has ever asked to have a worse rating. He had just won a ton of silver in Cowes, and we had 4 regattas in the Med coming up. Don was happy to have others have a chance. Of course I said no way, but that's the kind of a person he was, preferring to operate below most people's radar screens.

Don was always loyal to his family, friends, and string of "small enterprise" businesses. Epitome of a renaissance man. I will see him around every corner in Newport for as long as I live... Cooke House, have to say, definitely comes to mind.


Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard