Newport Shipyard Personality: Sandy DeLoura

Since 1999, Sandy DeLoura has been a devoted and loyal employee of Newport Shipyard. Handling all the billing between the Yard and the boats (via captains, crew & owners) Sandy will resolve any problem with her melodic "customer service voice" not generally reserved for her co-workers. Sandy also handles payroll for all the Yard staff and will help them "correct" their time sheets when they stumble.

"George DeLoura, Sandy's father, was one of the finest people I've ever known," said Charlie Dana. "I had the pleasure of honoring him with a surprise 70th birthday party at (what was then) Johnny's House of Seafood. Figured, as a plumber working for himself, that it had to be given by a friend who appreciated all he'd done, who he was, and loved him like a father. I qualified, but wasn't by any means alone in how I felt about 'Georgie.' When Sandy was interested in joining the Shipyard team, we heard glowing things from the bank where she'd been, but deep down I knew who her parents were and that she'd instinctively have good values in everything... except, we sadly discovered, liking NASCAR more than Elvis, The King. (Parents and I both have made the pilgrimage to Graceland). Sandy is a real part of the Shipyard team, always taking care of business... with the uncanny ability of talking problems through with herself when others are too busy. She is the best of Shipyard personalities!"

In addition to NASCAR, Sandy loves country music, dogs, cats, bunnies and most importantly, RUM. She is always cold and keeps her desk heater running -- even in July -- but is warm-blooded when it comes to family and friends. With a close circle of friends at the "Club" Sandy is a rock star customer, awesome Shipyard co-worker and the best Mom to her son Shawn and daughter Heather. A regular at Belle's, Sandy can be found patiently standing in line in the morning and afternoon with the Belle's Burger at the top of her favorite list. Just no veggies, please...

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