Newport Shipyard Personality: The One and Only Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker…how to describe this force of nature and enthusiastic Shipyard supporter…connected, networker, bon-vivant, boundless energy, proud Charlestonian, former marine, generous to a fault, impeccably dressed, loyal friend, quick wit… oh…and he dances a mean Shag


A few “Tommyisms”:

"Is my hair on straight"

(when having his picture taken)

"Do I have to go now?"

(when a waiter comes over to his table)

"This IS America!!"

(his response when a bartender asks if he would like a drink.  Alternately, when asked if he would like food "What are we?..... savages?")

"For a guy with limited ability, I'm doing quite well thank you!"

(TB’s response when someone asks how he is doing)

"It's my wife's house, she just lets me stay here"

(when complimented on one of his beautiful houses")

"Don't go to HELL, go to HALL’S!"

(when recommending Hall’s Chophouse)

"Thank you, I'm still making payments on it"

(when complimented on his attire)

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard