Newport Shipyard Personality: Timmy Laughridge

Just how much explanation is needed as to why Timmy Laughridge is our Shipyard Personality? Half his last name is "Laugh"...and it couldn't be more appropriate. Spectacular 'Beacon Rock' was recently the setting for his long awaited 50th birthday party. Thank goodness for our health it wasn't the same weekend as the Newport Bucket, which demands Tim's full organizational attention. Note that he appears a wee bit distracted in this picture.

Timmy and I learned a lot of the salty ropes of life from the same person, Commo Frank Snyder. We've always bonded for that reason and many others. Tim's enthusiam and sailing skills, not to mention his stamina, are lengendary. For those fortunate souls who are still un-indocrinated, a "Timmy half-night" is 4 am.

Fair winds, my friend. Age may be a good thing for you....and us!