Newport Shipyard Personalities: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From Newport Shipyard's favorite smarties and beauties Loren Weakley (left) and Kate Werner (right). They're un-questionably Shipyard personalities, loved and admired.

Kate married potential future "personality" Justin in Jamaica last year. Admittedly, it took us awhile to get over that maneuver! She manages the office for Nautor's Swan, and Loren does the same at W-Class for Don Tofias.

Loren, as well, bartends at IYAC on Tuesday nights, and honestly can say things start out slowly at the Shipyard on Wednesday morning. It could be nobody wanting to leave IYAC.... or it may be (we're told) the hefty "pours" that Loren dishes out to un-suspecting sailors, preventing them from soaring with the eagles the next day.

We thank everybody for a great year. '08 looks amazing for all us yachties. New England apparently is going to be "in" next summer, with many great boats basing in Newport. Should be good. Come back.

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard