Newport Shipyard Personality: Andrew Fitzgerald

In Newport Shipyard's print newsletter, Belle's Bulletin, dated August 1, 2003 (exactly five years ago), we featured Andrew Fitzgerald as our Shipyard 'personality.' We are deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. The guys here are taking it hard. He was without a doubt the quickest mind around and the most loved (and feared!)

The church was overflowing during his funeral and our hearts go out to Mary.


BELLE'S BULLETIN, August 1, 2003


Ask a friend to name a painter and they might say Monet or Van Gogh, but here at Newport Shipyard you're more likely to hear 'Fitzy.' With 30 years experience and a firecracker attitude, if you've met Andrew Fitzgerald you won't easily forget him.

Fitzy continues to grace us with his presence everyday because he loves the people here. An old friend to many here at the Yard, he met Patti the day she started many years ago, and he has known Mark since he "could wear a size 34. And Mark, the Miller Lite isn't working."

It's no secret that Fitzy loves to feed the blazing rivalry between Mark and himself, but ask him to tell stories and out of his sly smirk he'll tell you "loose lips sink ships." Fortunately, his friends feel differently, happily revealing that his longest absence from work was caused by falling off his roof while hanging Christmas decorations.

Without a doubt, the spirit of the Yard is touched by Andrew Fitzgerald.