Newport Shipyard Personality: Atlantide

ATLANTIDE is turning heads at Newport Shipyard. She has traveled in high circles since she was designed by British Naval Architect Alfred Mylne and built in 1930. She was purchased in 1998 by owner Tom Perkins and restored and re-launched, complete with a Bugatti tender, a year later in 1999. Perkins has just written an auto-biography, Valley Boy, which is a good read I might add, having just devoured it on my passage south. ATLANTIDE was TP's tender for MARIETTE of 1915, one of the "big seven" steel schooners designed by Herreshoff. What a pair they were........ stealing the show in Porto Cervo, Monaco, Cannes, St Tropez, St Barts, and New England. Our family raced on MARIETTE many times, and often enjoyed dinner afterwards on the fantail of ATLANTIDE. It just doesn't get any better...... or does it?

Along comes MALTESE FALCON (exit MARIETTE) and now ATLANTIDE sometimes shadows FALCON! It's almost more than us mortals can fathom, but hats off to the greatest show on Earth. ATLANTIDE from a bygone era, under the command of Capt Justin Christou, is definitely a unique Newport Shipyard Personality.

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard