Newport Shipyard Personality: Chris Harris

Newport Shipyard's newest "personality" is Chris Harris..... husband of Madeline, and father of Jack. He will handle special projects and just about every facet of our operation. Chris and I have known each other for years and battled the whole time on the tennis court (contact C Dana for "results"). The other battle has been to get him just to come with us. I've hoped he would for several years. Chris is a real problem-solver with a captain's perspective and a mechanic's know-how.

Chris started out working in a shipyard and then was on some amazing boats for 23 years...... Black Knight, Teel, Jimmy Buffett's Continental Drifter, and Cachee. He always seemed to end up running "programs", in that his owners had various other boats, complicated houses, and in one case even a sea plane. Chris understands pressure and deadlines, as his work always involved both.
On a purely personal note, Posy and I gave Chris and Madeline tickets to the "ball" at the (America's Cup) Jubilee at Cowes in 2001.... held in Queen Victoria's former and quite opulent digs on the Isle of Wight. It was their first date!