Newport Shipyard Personality: Chris "Sparky" Gamlin

Never in the history of Newport Shipyard have we ever -- ever -- had anyone come to us begging and pleading to be a Shipyard "personality." It was a humiliating experience for all of us, and yet we felt compelled to oblige...... fearing "Sparky" (aka Chris Gamlin) might melt into a puddle of tears if we turned him down. We think of ourselves as a "compassionate" Shipyard!

Chris is a native New Zealander and no stranger to Newport. He has worked on a handful of boats at Newport Shipyard, and the past two summers aboard USA-61. Chris is recognized first by his contagious laugh, louder than any yard equipment! He has a great sense of humor (we hope) and always a quick one-liner to throw into any conversation… whether or not he’s part of it.

We have to confess that “Sparky” is a skilled electrical engineer, and a respected sailor among his peers, even if he arrives at work each day on his mo-ped; the "chicken chaser." In spite of his many, many drawbacks -- he is a great guy to have around the yard and always willing to lend a hand. For this piece he "interviewed" numerous yard workers regarding their thoughts on "his" character! Clearly, his dedication and ambition has landed Chris as a "NSY personality," and thereby possibly a tribute to society? The jury is deliberating......

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard