Newport Shipyard Personality: Controller Donna Soares

When Donna Soares, Newport Shipyard's controller (left), isn't busy with payables and negotiating better rates with cell phone companies, she is an avid cruising sailor who has spent many years working in the marine industry. Donna loves sailing on Narragansett Bay. Due to her competitive nature, she was once invited to race at night under the beautiful Mount Hope Bridge at the Bristol Yacht Club. She held the ever important position of ballast; however, while tacking up the river she didn’t quite understand the importance of staying in the boat and many times attempted to leave the boat via the rail. She was soon dismissed from this volunteer position immediately following evening drinks.

For many years Donna has been active in various community outreach programs. Currently, she volunteers at the Newport Soup Kitchen serving and cooking for the under-privileged. She is active in her church parish serving as a member of the Finance Committee and has volunteered at her local library, but was again dismissed due to the fact that she was caught reading every book jacket before she returned it to the shelf.

Donna has traveled extensively through out the US and Europe, recently visiting Turkey and Egypt. While employed at Hall Spars, Donna accompanied Nan Hall on the delivery of a Carbon Fiber Mast to a state-of-the-art racing sloop in southern France. Their mission was the timely delivery of this mast to meet a crucial race schedule, but always the accountant; she refused to release the mast until she had a cashier check in hand.

We checked in with Donna's sister Renee and here is what she had to say... "Donna is an excellent cook, and has a five-star rating when it comes to her Apple Pie. We all love Donna because she is kind and generous to all who know her. Her sailing skills are available to any cruiser, who maintains a stocked rum bar, a valid passport, a villa in the Mediterranean Sea (deep mooring of course) and is six foot 2 with eyes of blue. Please keep her tied to her desk."

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard