Newport Shipyard Personality: Gus

Agostinho "Gus" Silva has been at the Shipyard almost 30 years, from back in the days of a lot of commercial work, mostly Navy. We dug back in his file and found in 1985 his supervisor said, "Give me 100 Gus's and I could build a nuclear aircraft carrier." Gus is a leader, always at the center of the action doing a bit of carpentry, fiberglassing, painting, even cooking in Belle's in a pinch. You always hear people saying, "oh, Gus can do it."

Gus really cares about people he works with, treats them just like his family, and as an extension of that, has helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation in remembering his son, Derek. He's a great arm twister in the fight to lick Cystic Fibrosis. Passionate about it.

No question Gus ranks as a Shipyard Personality. We love him, and whenever I kid him about anything, always get the same response, "I sorry Mr Charlie". (But no way is he!)