Newport Shipyard Personality: Keewaydin

Keewaydin has been Newport Shipyard's best customer year-in and year-out! I ran into her owner (and check writer!) Joe Fogg in Maine this summer and he asked me, "who's your best customer"? He was joking around, as he already knew the answer. We love the boat; it's right up our alley...... a good fit for the Shipyard. She's kept well, has great pedigree, an owner who understands what it takes, and Capt Pat Quigley's crew are competent and thoughtful.

Recently, the Keewaydin crew ordered 25 pizzas (veggie, Hawaiian, pepperoni, meat lovers, cheese) for everyone and then baked a cake that had the Shipyard logo on it! Now..... that's thoughtful. It brings everyone together in such a nice way. Keewaydin mixes the ingredients "just right" to keep focused and moving forward.

To Joe; we appreciate Keewaydin being our best customer and a Shipyard personality. Your Naples neighbor, 'Hap' said to me yesterday that he thinks he's closing in on your "best customer" status with Whisper. Ut-oh....... he may be. We hope your New year's resolution will be to remain "the champ"!

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard