Newport Shipyard Personality: Meteor

The 170' schooner METEOR has landed! She is breathtakenly beautiful and was celebrated at Newport Shipyard August 11th. WOW...........

This is a yacht that has grabbed serious attention both sides of the Atlantic......... so far!

Watching the Cup she was very noticable on TV. In the background blur of spectator boats, there was "one" we all noticed. Ernesto Bertarelli called recently to talk about the Cup, and the 1st words out of his mouth were "have you seen METEOR yet........ and wasn't she something?!"

Newport Shipyard salutes Dan Meyers and John Risley for building this incredible yacht, the work it took, the pedigree it has: Diijkstra-Alden, Munford down below, and Huisman. It just doesn't get any better........

Visit the Meteor Web site for more details.