Newport Shipyard Personality: Nick Dana

Nick Dana is long overdue as a Shipyard 'personality'. All you had to do is look at his bicycle at the top of PUMA's mast when he "couldn't find it", or his shrink-wrapped truck to know he was a ripe candidate. He's left for Spain, so we can write about him. He's on the shore team as the nipper (Kenny term) and loves it.

It's the "loves it" part that makes him good at what he does, and also why I'm so proud of him for how much of himself he's putting into it. Nick's tough; Nick's capable; he's the one in our family who always keeps things interesting. Yet.... he's going to miss us as much as we're going to miss him. I could tell that right before he left when he started getting nice.... hanging out in our kitchen more. He'll deny it, but... we know!

We wish Nick and all the PUMA team Godspeed as they circle the globe. We'll definitely pop in when you least expect it.

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard