Newport Shipyard Personality: Paul Callahan

Located in the depths of The Shipyard on the most traveled corridors of the property, next to the "Men's Room," there is an office that seems to be vibrating with energy. No, it is not the old steam room! It's just Paul Callahan - our own Harvard educated, Paralympic skipper, former Goldman Sachs investment banker, and CEO of the world renown Shake A Leg Adaptive Sailing Program (

The wheels in his head seem to run contiguously with the wheels on his wheelchair, as he paces around The Shipyard - does he ever get off that phone?

Paul's latest orchestration has the America's Cup yacht, Easterner, in the hands of Shake A Leg's disabled sailors. Wow! Paul and friends plan to reengineer Easterner so disabled people and children with cancer can traverse Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay, previously reserved for only the very fortunate. All of this will further culminate next September at the World 12 Metre Championship in Newport when Paul leaves his wheelchair at the dock and skippers Easterner with his (disabled) friends competing alongside and against professional crew.

Come see the progress of Easterner at The Shipyard.


Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard