Newport Shipyard Personality: Paul Fitzgerald

Captain Kevan Paul Fitzgerald

On the evening of Wednesday 25th February 2008, Our wonderful brother, Captain Paul Fitzgerald of S/Y Hetairos departed this world. Paul was a charismatic character with immense energy and inner strength, a fighter with great compassion, understanding, love and warmth. He was also a very loyal, honest and mischievous friend who would joke and tease anyone to raise a smile. A shining light has now moved on.

Paul’s surviving siblings, Tony, Kim, Samantha and Vicky would like to thank all Paul’s friends for their warmth, sincere wishes and compassion at this time. We also understand the need of some, to have their own private memorial service to commemorate Paul.

We will have a cremation service for Paul next week in England. It will be held at St. Peter's Church in Heysham, Lancashire, on Monday, March 17th at 1:45, where friends are welcome. Once matters have been settled on this side of the Atlantic, the family will be travelling with Paul’s ashes, to hold a celebration in Newport of his life and invite all of his friends and colleagues to join them at the Newport Shipyard on May 17th at 4;00 in the afternoon. Those wishing to contact the family please email:


February 26, 2008

Paul Fitzgerald died suddenly doing what he loved best.......

Newport Shipyard was devastated to hear that Paul never woke up this morning. We had just made him the "Personality" and posted him on our web site, as he lay in his bunk near the Seychelles. To say that's eerie is an understatement. Paul was like a member of the family. He spent his darkest hours with us as he battled and beat cancer. We laughed more than we cried!

We pulled his picture immediately, but then I got worried......

Paul would have thought I was nuts to pull it. Below is a "pure Paul" e-mail from a few days ago with the picture of "Father Neptune" crossing the International Date Line. Paul had even called Jon Barrett to make sure he had the "garb" just right.

We love you, Paul, and will never forget the fun you brought to all of us. Fair winds, my friend.


Greeting Rosie and charliE:

It’s the land of the never, never world out here. Wonderful coservation ethics (besides the UK and USA having a huge base at Diego Garcia (it glows in the dark)

Who are you voting for in this coming carnival:

1. Me

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Anyway i miss your wife more than you cos she smiles more and she's the boss.

You won't see me for a while till my house becomes vacant? (that could take years with this market).

Working pays great in Euros (it's gone up by .4 to the $ since I started)

The new boat being built in the Baltic yard should be ready 2010. 212 foot Panamax Ketch, like Mari Chi or Visiony. Not sure its for me, but why not...go frighten myself to death at 35 + knots.

Besides all that, I,m well and having a great time seeing these wonderful places.


Keep causing trouble...

Regards Paul Fitzgerald.


If my spelling is bad, it’s because I can't spell?

Only a couple of tiny edits!!! If anybody has anything Paul would want to hear, send us an e-mail and we'll put it on.


Submitted Friday, March 14:

We will be holding a church service for Paul on Monday 17 March in a very beautiful 6th century church, St Peter’s, Heycham, Lancashire, which overlooks the ocean, followed by a cremation. It will be attended by members of his family and a few close friends. Kim and I will be bringing Paul’s ashes to Newport in May and intend holding some sort of service/gathering on 17 May 2008 followed by a scattering of his ashes at sea if it can be arranged.

Paul died of heart failure (natural causes), which was not connected with his previous illness.



Tony Fitzgerald



Meet Cosworth, a bulldog which at first glance looks fighting fit. Actually he's glassfibre (you can buy them on the internet from a lady in the USA - any breed) and this picture shows him sitting on the aft deck of the J Class yacht Endeavour, currently in Auckland.

Cosworth, for want of a better description, is a war prize, pinched from the crew of the big ketch Rebecca in retaliation for Endeavour's magnificent steering wheel being 'stolen' and then put up for sale on EBay. We understand the wheel was never sold but when it went missing it was replaced by one of those tiny little, tugboat-syle, spoked numbers…not quite J Class style.

Cosworth has been with Endeavour ever since and has crossed the Pacific, been to Japan and was due to stay with Endeavour in Auckland.

But there's a poignant end to this story and Cosworth's black arm band is the sad giveaway. His original master, Kevan Paul 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, Rebecca's one time skipper and more recently in charge of Hetairos, died recently. His premature death came as a mighty shock to the yachting community as he was a highly respected and much loved man.

Cosworth was so christened due to Fitz's love of motor racing, derived from an earlier career in motor sport.

When we met Cosworth he was about to be boxed up and posted home to pay his respects to his one time owner. We wish him well and send our condolences along with him…

David Glenn/Yachting World, 5 March 2008

Submitted Monday, March 2nd:

My name is Alan, I and my wife Zara worked with Paul for a few years on the yachts Saudade and Rebecca. Terribly sad to hear of his passing he was a huge amount of fun to be at sea with and on land ..... A great character gone.

Alan Goldman