Newport Shipyard Personality: Rose Dana

A key member of the Shipyard team has eluded (until now) the 'Personality' section for an entire decade. It was brought up a time or two, but quickly squashed..... by her. Now, in the dead of winter, we're going to ambush Rose Dana and give her some well deserved credit.

Re "credit", Rose is particularily adept for giving others credit for doing things that she has really done herself..... like design work, marketing with Veronica, the store, and mostly for being the "voice of reason" in a sometimes chaotic atmosphere created usually by her husband.

Posy made the initial phone call about the bankrupt Shipyard going on the block in '98 for starters. She alerted us. She then told us we were nuts for the longest time before she figured she'd better step in and get us on the straight and narrow, or she'd lose all her spending money.

We listened to Posy just about as much as we listened to our customers. We then (literally) took a part of her in Eli, for our illustrious Dockmaster! No small feat I might add "producing" Eli, though he weighed somewhat less when he was born. Posy contributed handily to laying each building block that became the foundation of what Newport Shipyard is today on the waterfront.

Ryan WalshNewport Shipyard