Newport Shipyard Personality: Bill Osman

After two tours of duty in Vietnam and serving in the US Navy for 32 years, Bill Osman and his wife Claire-Marie settled down in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. A father to four children and a grandfather to six, it seems Bill considers the people around Newport Shipyard part of his extended family as well. "I have been working at Newport Shipyard since I started with Blackstone Valley Security three years ago. They guarantee me work here at the Shipyard, which is why I have stayed on with (Blackstone Valley)", he said.

A native of Oswego, New York, Bill retired from the Navy as a Master Chief and during his time in Vietman was awarded with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. Ironically, Claire-Marie's Dad, Bob Finn, worked at Newport Shipyard many years ago and is remembered by several Shipyard veterans, including Patti Fullerton.

Thank you, Bill, for the great job you do keeping everything in line at the front gate. We love your terrific work ethic and ability to keep your sense of humor during what can sometimes be chaotic circumstances. We also thank you for serving our country - you have earned our respect and admiration!

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Eli Dana

"Eli speaking...." punctuates most conversations with Eli Dana as he answers his omnipresent BlackBerry and quietly proceeds to direct a 160' yacht to its proper berth and then resumes his conversation with you.

Eli is Newport Shipyard's Dockmaster extraordinaire. Cool under pressure, he manages to keep track of his large posse of red-shirted dock staff with radios and cell phones. He is a wealth of knowledge about any boat in the Shipyard and knows the captains and crew of most. Every few weeks Eli will throw a BBQ (with deep-fried turkey, of course) for any and all around the Yard.

While his hours at the Yard would seem to leave him no time for "a life," he has been spotted at more than a few night spots with his fellow sailors.

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Patti Fullerton

Patti Fullerton has been the voice of Newport Shipyard for over three decades. She has seen it all. Anyone who has spent any time in the Shipyard knows Patti, whether it be to pick up their mail, find another employee or just shoot the breeze. If you want to know what is going on at any given moment you turn to Patti and her always sunny smile.

Patti is control central and our human database. She has also become quite the armchair sailor with her dog, Salty and her newest find, Grey Goose. Patti is the heart, in every respect, of Newport Shipyard.

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Joaquin Davila

Joaquin Davila has just built Davila Sport Marina on the Atlantic coast of Spain. In his 1st ever newsletter, he mentioned "how far" they were from Gibraltar and other places near them. Outraged at his not mentioning "distance from Newport Shipyard," Charlie Dana e-mailed Joaquin and expressed his bitter disappointment!

Joaquin in his 2nd ever newsletter headlined, "This one's for you, Charlie" and gave the distance from Newport Shipyard. We would like to return the favor and mention that Davila Sport Marina is a mere 2,731 miles from Newport Shipyard. Check them out at

This gesture earned Joaquin Davila of Marina Davila "personality of the week" in our eyes..... It is a great full-service stopover for anyone including yachts up to and over 150 meters conveniently located en route to the Med. Valshedastopped there recently.

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Bruno Peyron

After calling Newport Shipyard home for several weeks in preparation to attempt breaking the Transatlantic Record, Orange II set out from New York on Sunday, July 2 and has already broken the 24-hour record, by covering 752 miles in one day!

The current Transatlantic record is held by Steve Fossett and his team on PlayStation, (4 days, 17 hours 28 minutes and 6 seconds.)

This has been a great start for Bruno Peyron and his eleven-man crew, who have managed to maintain an average speed of 31.2 knots since Ambrose Light (the starting line for the Transatlantic record.)

Everyone at Newport Shipyard wishes Bruno and his crew much luck! You can followOrange II by logging on to:

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Dirk Johnson

Dirk Johnson of Churchill Yacht Partners is a familiar fixture at Newport Shipyard. Highly respected in the yachting world, he recently navigated his way to Bermuda Race line honors on Hap Fauth's, Bella Mente. He has been brilliant in figuring out how to best get to Bermuda several times, previously helping score a win for Zaraffa. He is as unflappable on the race course as he is in the office or dining at Belle's.

While his fellow crewmembers on Bella Mente went stir crazy in the windless calm getting to Bermuda, Dirk reminded them that the slop and slatting sails were their best friends because it meant they were still in the Stream heading in the right direction! He told them to worry if it got pleasantly quiet.

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Newport Shipyard Personality: Justin "The Mayor" Smith

Newport Shipyard's annointed Mayor, Justin "Juggy" Smith has been a fixture at the Shipyard for the last four years.

Juggy and his trailer with its distinctive ALPINIST graphics are at the epicenter of the yard and no one can miss him. There is even a rumor that he lives in his RIOT trailer and comes out only to lobby for mayoral votes during lunchtime at Belle's.

Juggy is Newport all the way, a graduate of Rogers HS and URI, he is an experienced sailor and has the waterfront covered.

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