Winter Storage at Newport Shipyard

Newport Shipyard & Marina located in the heart of historic Newport, Rhode Island offers 3,500 linear feet of dock space and can handle yachts up to 350 feet in length at our facility.
We offer a wide-range of complimentary amenities at our marina, including Ship’s Store, Belle’s Café, Fitness Center, Courtesy vehicles, Golf Carts and 24 Hr. Security.  
We are conveniently located a short distance from downtown Newport with world-class dining, entertainment and site.

November 15, 2018 to April 15, 2019

Haul-Launch-Store Vessels up to 79ft - $85.00/foot
Haul-Launch-Store Vessels over 80-99 ft - $110.00/foot
Haul-Launch-Store Vessels over 100 ft & over - $155.00/foot
Catamaran Haul-Launch-Store - 100 Ton lift - $105.00/foot
Inside Storage - $260/foot
Outside Mast Storage - Stripped -$35/foot
Shore Power - quoted

Additional Charges 
Standard dockage or on the hard rates apply. (Prior to Nov 15).
Standard dockage or on the hard rates apply. (April 15 or after).

Dockage Rates

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» Space is LIMITED. Request your storage now!

Overall length includes bowsprits and swim platforms

» Boats will be hauled between November 15th and December 8th** and launched between April 1st and April 15th.
» Winter storage rate includes: Haul & Launch; Pressure Wash Bottom; Blocking.
» If launch is delayed by owner and NSY is required to move the boat to launch another, a charge of 50% of the published haul/launch rate will be applied.
» 4.5% Environmental Charge added to all invoices. Rates subject to change without notice.**

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