Newport Shipyard

New England's Yachting Hub

As a yachting destination, Newport is hard to beat. The beautiful harbor, lively regatta circuit, charming town life and central location ensure that "America's sailing capital" lives up to its billing every summer. At the center of the action is Newport Shipyard. With the biggest lifts, cleanest facilities, and the most dock space in town - as well as a full-service yard, ship store, restaurant and fitness center all right on the harbor front - Newport Shipyard has become New England's yachting hub, attracting the best boats on the East Coast

NEWS:  Send us the bird during the #TR2015 / Transatlantic Race!

NEWS:  Send us the bird during the #TR2015 / Transatlantic Race!


ATTN Transatlantic Race sailors: Share the bird! Show us (and all of your followers) how you brought Newport Shipyard with you across the Atlantic by posting pics with the bird and tagging us. Get creative and maybe yours will be selected to win a $250 gift certificate to Newport Shipyard Outfitters.

We have included NSY hats, croakies, coozies & stickers in the skipper’s bags for you to use in your photos (or use your own NSY apparel.) Tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and use the #NewportShipyard hashtag to be entered into the contest. If you don’t use social media, just email your photo to: Winner will be chosen on July 24, 2015.

Newport Shipyard is a proud sponsor of the Transatlantic Race 2015 and will host the welcome party on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. 



NEWS: Mariette of 1915, photo: © Daniel Forster/NYYC

NEWS: Mariette of 1915, photo: © Daniel Forster/NYYC


This morning at 03:46 EDT (07:46 UTC), Mariette of 1915 was first yacht in the 2015 Transatlantic Race fleet to pass the southeastern limit of the Ice Exclusion Zone surrounding the Grand Banks, south of Newfoundland. While the exclusion zone extends off to the northeast, the giant gaff schooner is now much freer to sail her preferred course toward the finish line at England’s Lizard Point. At 0700 EDT this was 1815 miles away.

While all the boats have been enjoying brisk southwesterlies,Mariette will hit a meteorological brick wall tonight: an area of high pressure (and light winds) to her east. However, this will be short lived with a fast-moving depression, forming off Nova Scotia today, causing strong southwesterlies to fill in once again. But this bodes well for the boats astern.

Newport Shipyard is a sponsor of the TRANSATLANTIC RACE 2015. Click here to read full story....