Winter Storage Rates & Requests 2016

November 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017
Haul-Launch-Store Vessels up to 79ft - $90.00/foot
Haul-Launch-Store Vessels over 80-99 ft - $105.00/foot
Haul-Launch-Store Vessels over 100 ft & over - $150.00/foot
Catamaran Haul-Launch-Store - 100 Ton lift $110.00/foot
Inside Storage - $250/foot
Outside Mast Storage - Stripped -$30/foot
Shore Power - quoted
Wireless Internet - complimentary

Additional Charges 
Standard dockage or on the hard rates apply. (Prior to Nov 1st).
Standard dockage or on the hard rates apply. (May 1 or after).

» Dockage Rates - Click here for Complete Dockage Rates
» Space is LIMITED. Request your storage now!

Overall length includes bowsprits and swim platforms

» Boats will be hauled between November 1st and 23rd and launched between April 2nd and May 4th.
» If launch is delayed by owner and NSY is required to move the boat to launch another, a charge of 50% of the published haul/launch rate will be applied
» 4.5% Environmental Charge added to all invoices. Rates subject to change without notice.